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As in whole Europe Mouth & MacNeal had hits with 'How do you Do', 'Hello-A' and 'I see a Star'. But in the Swedish charts I can not find them. It seems 'How do you Do' became number 1 in Sweden, but this is not mentioned anywhere. Can somebody clear this to me? Thanks and kind regards, Roel Smit, Bali, Indonesia.
Yes on Poporama the songs where big hits, but I think that it was forbidden to have selling charts in Sweden at that
time. We in Sweden lived in Russia some years in the 1970s.
Helloa and I see a a star became big hits, but How do you do
I dont remember, it was in poporama, but for how long?
Poporama was a radioprogram with 7 hot songs all on the same position. Very funny????
Mouth & McNeal appeared on the Swedish Radio Charts "10 i topp" with 4 singles:

Hello-A # 1 (1972)
You-Kou La-Le-Lou-Pie # 15 (1973)
Minnie Minnie # 13 (1973)
I See A Star # 1 (1974)

How Do You Do? was never a hit on 10 i topp (but maybe in the single sales chart which wasn´t published). Two cover versions made # 15 (Kathy & Gulliver 1973) and # 12 Ruff´n Ready (1974)

10 i Topp was a chart with a jury. The program was followed by "Poporama" where no chart positions was mentioned. Mouth & McNeal had one appearance "We´re Gonna Have A party late 1974.
Mouth & McNeal appeared on the Swedish sales chart top 20 (called Kvällstoppen 1962-1975) with 2 singles:

Hello-A - 10 weeks, peek #1, 1972.
I see a star - 13 weeks, peek #3, 1974.
Mouth & McNeal in Australia:

27-Mar-72*HP-32*WI-20 - How Do You Do
16-Oct-72*HP-95*WI-01 - Hallo-A
10-Dec-73*HP-57*WI-08 - Minnie, Minnie

"How Do You Do" was competing on the charts for a local Australian version by a group called Jigsaw (Not the UK Jigsaw who sang "Sky High"). There was also a third version of "How Do You Do" which was done by a group called Windows (HP-49). The Aussie version made it to No.8.

Regards, Bulion. OzChartMaster

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