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Hi guys, I think we need this forum so we can keep all chart Identifications in one thread rather than having them all over the site.

Teenwildlife, could you write the chart positions from Joe Cocker, ABBA and The Rattles, maybe?
I've given the Kvallstoppen charts to Vincent who has posted them at this link
Can anyone help me out with chart positions for T.REX singles and albums?


1971: Electric Warrior: #18

1971: Hot Love: #2
1971: Get It On: #5

I've found a site for the swedish Kvallstoppen charts:
Two more T. Rex albums made the Kvällstoppen chart:

1972: The Slider #10 (8 weeks)
1973: Tanx #15 (3 weeks)
How did "Killer Queen" by Queen Charted?
Killer Queen did not chart as a single on Kvällstoppen, but the album containing it, Sheer Heart Attack, did spend 16 weeks on the chart peaking at #8 in january 1975.
How did Elton John charted on Kvällstoppen?
Let's see...

Crocodile Rock: - #1
Tumbleweed Connection: #14
Madman Across the Water: #14
Honky Chatêu: #11
Don't Shoot Me, I'm Only the Piano Player: #2
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road: #2
Caribou: #4
Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy: #2
Was any Willie Nelson single charted in Sweden?
Good surprise to see Jacques Dutronc in the swedish charts with L'Arsène (from the tv film Arsene Lupin) three times nº4 and present during 11 weeks...
Looking for a song called Eva. Think it was release with a swedish group in the eighties. The song goes like"Låt oss älska innan solen går upp"
Anyone who remember the group?
Hello , i try ti undertand why there's no charts every week during 1978.....i was looking at the charts for Sheila B Devotion, she entered the charts on 21/4/1978 , and last week on 22/9/1978......so more than 5 months ! but where are the charts between 2/6/78 she's n°2 and 14/7/1978 still number 2 , Why there's no charts these weeks? thanks

I love you all
The good surprise for me, it's the presence of Jacques Dutronc, in july, august and september of 1971, with "L'Arsène.
Entry : nº15 (6th july) and after nº10- nº6 - nº4- nº4 -nº4-nº8-nº10-nº14- nº20-nº20 (14th september), 11 weeks in the swedish chart...
Je ne peux plus accéder au Chart france, peut-on discuter par ici ?
Did any disc by the Royal Showband whether ft. Brendan Bowyer or Tom Dunphy ever chart in Sweden? Cyril Wilkinson Carnew, co. Wicklow.
The Royal Showband did not make the sales chart in Sweden. Their version of "California Sun" from 1964 was however on the influental vote chart "Tio i topp" (Ten in top) in 1969, charting for 13 weeks and peaking at #3.
Here links for old 1961-1974 Swedish charts singles
with list for artist and peak/weeks for any charted songs


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