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Blue Rose BLUDP0541

CD Blue Rose BLUDP0542 / EAN 4028466325426
1. Waitin' On The Sky
2. Little Emperor
3. The Gulf Of Mexico
4. Molly-O
5. God Is God
6. Meet Me In The Alleyway
7. Every Part Of Me
8. Lonely Are The Free
9. Heaven Or Hell
10. I Am A Wanderer
11. This City
DVD: The Making Of "I'll Never Get Out Of This World Alive"
CD Blue Rose BLUDP0541 / EAN 4028466325419
1. Waitin' On The Sky
2. Little Emperor
3. The Gulf Of Mexico
4. Molly-O
5. God Is God
6. Meet Me In The Alleyway
7. Every Part Of Me
8. Lonely Are The Free
9. Heaven Or Hell
10. I Am A Wanderer
11. This City
LP Blue Rose NW5030 / EAN 0607396503025
LP New West NW5552LP / EAN 0607396555215

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TitelKom in på listanTopveckor
Exit 0 (Steve Earle & The Dukes)1987-06-03393
The Hard Way (Steve Earle And The Dukes)1990-08-01342
I Feel Alright1996-03-22265
El corazón1997-10-10196
The Mountain (Steve Earle And The Del McCoury Band)1999-03-04183
Transcendental Blues2000-06-15274
The Revolution Starts Now2004-09-03203
Washington Square Serenade2007-10-04282
I'll Never Get Out Of This World Alive2011-05-06164
The Low Highway (Steve Earle & The Dukes (& Duchesses))2013-04-26165
(Quicksilver Daydreams Of) Maria
21st Century Blues (Steve Earle & The Dukes (& Duchesses))
A Little Bit In Love
A Perfect Hand (David Byrne & Fatboy Slim feat. Steve Earle)
Acquainted With The Wind (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
After Mardi Gras (Steve Earle & The Dukes (& Duchesses))
After The Fire Is Gone (Steve Earle & Allison Moorer)
Ain't Glad I'm Leaving (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
Ain't Gonna Let Them Turn Us Round (Marc Ribot / Steve Earle)
Ain't No God In Mexico
Ain't Nobody's Daddy Now (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
All Of My Life
Amerika V.6.0 (The Best We Can Do)
Angel Is The Devil (Supersuckers & Steve Earle)
Angel Is The Devil
Angry Young Man (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
Annie, Is Tonight The Night
Another Town
Anyhow I Love You (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
Ashes To Ashes
Baby Baby Baby (Baby) (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
Baby's In Black (Colvin & Earle)
Baby's Just As Mean As Me (Steve Earle & The Dukes feat. Eleanor Whitmore)
Back To The Wall
Before They Make Me Run (Steve Earle & Supersuckers)
Ben McCulloch
Better Off Alone (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
Billy And Bonnie
Billy Austin (Steve Earle And The Dukes)
Black Lung (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
Brand New Companion
Breakdown Lane
Brown & Root, Brown & Root (Rodney Crowell feat. Steve Earle)
Burnin' It Down (Steve Earle & The Dukes (& Duchesses))
Calico County (Steve Earle & The Dukes (& Duchesses))
Carrie Brown (Steve Earle And The Del McCoury Band)
Champagne Corolla (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
Charlie Dunn (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
Christmas In Washington
City Of Immigrants (With Forro In The Dark)
Close Your Eyes (Steve Earle And The Dukes)
Colorado Girl
Come Home To Me
Come What May (Colvin & Earle)
Comin' Around
Condi, Condi
Connemara Breakdown (Steve Earle And The Del McCoury Band)
Conspiracy Theory
Continental Trailway Blues (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
Copperhead Road
Country Girl (Steve Earle And The Dukes)
Creepy Jackalope Eye (Steve Earle & Supersuckers)
Cry Myself To Sleep
Crying, Waiting, Hoping (Marty Stuart with Steve Earle)
Custer (Steve Earle & The Milk Carton Kids)
Days Aren't Long Enough (Allison Moorer & Steve Earle)
Delta Momma Blues
Desperados Waiting For A Train (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
Devil Put The Coal In The Ground (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
Dixieland (Steve Earle And The Del McCoury Band)
Dominick Street
Don't Take It Too Bad
Down Here Below
Down The Road
Down The Road Pt. II (Steve Earle & The Dukes (& Duchesses))
Dublin Blues (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
Ellis Unit One (Steve Earle & The Fairfield Four)
Esmeralda's Hollywood (Steve Earle And The Dukes)
Even When I'm Blue
Every Part Of Me
Everyone's In Love With You
F The CC
Far Away In Another Town (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
Fastest Man Alive (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
Fearless Heart
Feel Alright
Fixin' To Die (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
For Better Or Worse
Ft. Worth Blues
Gamblin' Blues (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
Gettin' By (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
Go Amanda
Go Go Boots Are Back (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
God Is God
Good Ol' Boy (Gettin' Tough)
Goodbye Michelangelo (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
Goodbye's All We've Got Left
Guitar Town
Gypsy Songman (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
Halo 'Round The Moon
Happy And Free (Colvin & Earle)
Hard Core Troubadour
Harlan Man (Steve Earle And The Del McCoury Band)
Harlem River Blues (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
Have Mercy (Steve Earle And The Dukes)
Heartbroke (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
Heatin' Up
Heaven Ain't Goin' Nowhere (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
Heaven Or Hell
Here I Am
High Fashion Queen (Chris Hillman & Steve Earle)
Hill Country Rain (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
Hillbilly Highway
Hole In My Heart
Home To Houston
Hometown Blues
Honey Don't (Joe Walsh & Steve Earle)
Hopeless Romantics (Steve Earle And The Dukes)
Hot Enough For Ya
Hurtin' Me, Hurtin' You
I Ain't Ever Satisfied (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
I Am A Wanderer
I Can't Wait
I Don't Care (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
I Don't Want To Lose You Yet
I Feel Alright
I Love You Too Much (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
I Makes Money (Money Don't Make Me) (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
I Remember You (Steve Earle & Emmylou Harris)
I Still Carry You Around
I Thought You Should Know
I Won't Be Your Next In Line
If I Could See Your Face Again (Steve Earle & The Dukes feat. Eleanor Whitmore)
If Mama Coulda Seen Me (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
If You Fall
If You Need A Fool
I'll Never Get Out Of This World Alive
I'm Looking Through You
I'm Not Gettin' Any Better At Goodbyes
I'm Still Around
I'm Still In Love With You (Steve Earle And The Del McCoury Band)
Invisible (Steve Earle & The Dukes (& Duchesses))
It's About Blood (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
It's All Up To You (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
Jericho Road
John Henry Was A Steel Drivin' Man (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
John Walker's Blues
Johnny Come Lately
Johnny Too Bad (Steve Earle & The V-Roys)
Justice In Ontario (Steve Earle And The Dukes)
King Of The Blues (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
L.A. Freeway (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
Last Words (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
Leroy's Dustbowl Blues (Steve Earle And The Del McCoury Band)
Little Bird (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
Little Emperor
Little Rock 'N' Roller
Little Sister
Lone Pine Hill (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
Lonelier Than This
Lonely Are The Free
Long, Lonesome Highway Blues (Steve Earle And The Del McCoury Band)
Lookin' For A Woman (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
Love's Gonna Blow My Way (Steve Earle & The Dukes (& Duchesses))
Maria (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
Me And The Eagle
Meet Me In The Alleyway
Mercenary Song
Mississippi It's Time (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
More Than I Can Do
Mr. Bojangles (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
Mr. Mudd And Mr. Gold
My Baby Worships Me
My Back Pages
My Old Friend The Blues
My Old Man (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
My Uncle
Mystery Train Part II
New Cut Road (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
News From Colorado (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
Night Rider's Lament (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
No Place To Fall
No. 29 (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
Northern Winds
Nothin' But You (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
Nothin' Without You
Nothin' Without You (Steve Earle & Emmylou Harris)
Nothing But A Child
Now She's Gone
Nowhere Road
Old Friends (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
Old Road (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
Once You Love
One More Cup Of Coffee (Valley Below) (Steve Earle & Lucia Micarelli)
Open Up Your Door
Open Your Window
Out In The Parking Lot (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
Outlaw's Honeymoon (Steve Earle And The Del McCoury Band)
Over Yonder (Jonathan's Song)
Oxycontin Blues
Paddy On The Beat (Steve Earle And The Del McCoury Band)
Pancho And Lefty
Pilgrim (Steve Earle And The Del McCoury Band)
Pocket Full Of Rain (Steve Earle & The Dukes (& Duchesses))
Poison Lovers
Poor Boy
Promise You Anything (Steve Earle And The Dukes)
Raise The Dead (Colvin & Earle)
Reconsider Me
Red Is The Color
Regular Guy (Steve Earle And The Dukes)
Remember Me (Steve Earle & The Dukes (& Duchesses))
Rich Man's War
Rita Ballou (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
Rivers Of Babylon
Ruby Tuesday (Colvin & Earle)
San Antonio Girl (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
Sara's Angel
Satellite Radio
She Ain't Going Nowhere (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
She Can't Break My Heart
She's About A Mover
She's So Mean
Sis Draper (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
Six Days On The Road (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
Snake Oil
So You Wannabe An Outlaw (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
Some Blue Moons Ago
Some Dreams
Someday (Colvin & Earle)
Someone's Got To Do It
Somethin' To Hold Onto
Sometimes She Forgets
Somewhere Out There
South Nashville Blues
Sparkle And Shine
Squeeze Me In
Srinivas (Marc Ribot / Steve Earle)
State Trooper
Steve's Hammer (For Pete)
Steve's Last Ramble
Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down (Kris Kristofferson feat. Steve Earle)
Sunset Highway (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
Sweet Little '66 (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
Tecumseh Valley
Telephone Road
Tell Moses (Colvin & Earle)
Tennessee Blues
Texas 1947 (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
Texas Eagle (Steve Earle And The Del McCoury Band)
That All You Got? (Steve Earle & The Dukes (& Duchesses))
That Don't Worry Me Now (Colvin & Earle)
That Old Time Feeling (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
The Ballad Of Laverne And Captain Flint (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
The Boy Who Never Cried
The Crush
The Devil's Right Hand
The Firebreak Line (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
The First Fool In Line
The Galway Girl
The Galway Girl (Sharon Shannon & Steve Earle)
The Girl On The Mountain (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
The Graveyard Shift (Steve Earle And The Del McCoury Band)
The Gringo's Tale
The Gulf Of Mexico
The Kind
The Last Gunfighter Ballad (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
The Low Highway (Steve Earle & The Dukes (& Duchesses))
The Mine (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
The Mountain (Steve Earle And The Del McCoury Band)
The Other Kind (Steve Earle And The Dukes)
The Other Side Of Town
The Rain Came Down (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
The Randall Knife (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
The Revolution Starts Now
The Revolution Starts...
The Saint Of Lost Causes (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
The Seeker
The Tennessee Kid (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
The Truth
The Unrepentant
The Usual Time (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
The Way That We Do (Colvin & Earle)
The Week Of Living Dangerously (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
They Killed John Henry (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
Think It Over
This City
This Highway's Mine (Roadmaster) (Steve Earle And The Dukes)
This Is How It Ends (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
Time Has Come Today
Time Is Never On Our Side (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
Times Like These (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
Times Like This
To Live Is To Fly
Tobacco Road (Colvin & Earle)
Tom Ames' Prayer
Transcendental Blues
Turkey In The Straw
Turn Out My Lights (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
Union, God And Country (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
Until The Day I Die
Up Against The Wall Redneck Mother (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
Valentine's Day
Waitin' On The Sky
Waiting On You
Wake Up Little Susie (Colvin & Earle)
Walkin' In LA (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
Warren Hellman's Banjo (Steve Earle & The Dukes (& Duchesses))
Way Down In The Hole
West Nashville Boogie (Steve Earle And The Dukes)
What'll You Do About Me?
What's A Simple Man To Do
Wheel (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
When I Fall
When The Mornin' Comes
When The People Find Out (Steve Earle And The Dukes)
Where I Lead Me
Wherever I Go
White Freight Liner Blues
You And Me Against The World (Catherine Britt feat. Steve Earle)
You Belong To Me
You Broke My Heart (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
You Know The Rest
You Tear Me Up
You Were On My Mind (Colvin & Earle)
You're Right (I'm Wrong) (Colvin & Earle)
You're Still Gone (Colvin & Earle)
You're Still Standin' There
You're The Best Lover That I Ever Had (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
Yours Forever Blue (Steve Earle And The Del McCoury Band)
Colvin & Earle (Colvin & Earle)
Copperhead Road
Down At The Club (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
Early Tracks
El corazón
Exit 0 (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
Ghosts Of West Virginia (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
Guitar Town
Guy (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
I Feel Alright
I'll Never Get Out Of This World Alive
J.T. (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
Jerry Jeff (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
Just An American Boy
Live At Montreux 2005
Live At The BBC
Live From Austin TX
Live From Austin TX - Austin City Limits
Live In Concert 1988
Live In Europe 2005
Live In Nashville 1995
Shut Up And Die Like An Aviator (Steve Earle And The Dukes)
So You Wannabe An Outlaw (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
Steve Earle & The Supersuckers (EP)
Terraplane (Steve Earle & The Dukes)
The Collection
The Definitive Collection 1986-1992
The Devils Right Hand - An Introduction To Steve Earle
The Hard Way (Steve Earle And The Dukes)
The Low Highway (Steve Earle & The Dukes (& Duchesses))
The Mountain (Steve Earle And The Del McCoury Band)
The Revolution Starts Now
This Highway's Mine
Townes - The Basics
Train A Comin'
Transcendental Blues
Uncut Gems
Washington Square Serenade
We Ain't Ever Satisfied - The Essential Collection
Live At Montreux 2005
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