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AutographBad Boy1987Producent
AutographDance All Night1987Producent
AutographDown 'N' Dirty1987Producent
AutographEverytime I Dream1987Producent
AutographJust Got Back From Heaven1987Producent
AutographLoud And Clear1987Producent
AutographMore Than A Million Times1987Producent
AutographShe Never Looked That Good For Me1987Producent
AutographShe's A Tease1987Producent
AutographWhen The Sun Goes Down1987Producent
Blodwyn PigSweet Caroline1969Producent
Bloodwyn PigAin't Ya Coming Home, Babe1969Producent
Bloodwyn PigBackwash1969Producent
Bloodwyn PigChange Song1969Producent
Bloodwyn PigDear Jill1969Producent
Bloodwyn PigDrive Me1970Producent
Bloodwyn PigIt's Only Love1969Producent
Bloodwyn PigLeave It With Me1969Producent
Bloodwyn PigLong Bomb Blues1970Producent
Bloodwyn PigSame Old Story1970Producent
Bloodwyn PigSan Francisco Sketches: a. Beach Scape1970Producent
Bloodwyn PigSan Francisco Sketches: b. Fisherman's Wharf1970Producent
Bloodwyn PigSan Francisco Sketches: c. Telegraph Hill1970Producent
Bloodwyn PigSan Francisco Sketches: d. Close The Door, I'm Falling Out Of The Room1970Producent
Bloodwyn PigSee My Way1970Producent
Bloodwyn PigSend Your Son To Die1970Producent
Bloodwyn PigSing Me A Song That I Know1969Producent
Bloodwyn PigSlow Down1970Producent
Bloodwyn PigSummer Day1969Producent
Bloodwyn PigSweet Caroline1969Producent
Bloodwyn PigThe Modern Alchemist1969Producent
Bloodwyn PigThe Squirreling Must Go On1970Producent
Bloodwyn PigTo Rassman1970Producent
Bloodwyn PigToys1970Producent
Bloodwyn PigUp And Coming1969Producent
Bloodwyn PigVariations On Nainos1970Producent
Bloodwyn PigWalk On The Water1969Producent
Bloodwyn PigWorry1970Producent
Bon JoviGood Guys Don't Always Wear White1994Producent
ChickenfootAvenida Revolucion2009Producent
ChickenfootDown The Drain2009Producent
ChickenfootFuture In The Past2009Producent
ChickenfootGet It Up2009Producent
ChickenfootLearning To Fall2009Producent
ChickenfootMy Kinda Girl2009Producent
ChickenfootOh Yeah2009Producent
ChickenfootRunnin' Out2009Producent
ChickenfootSexy Little Thing2009Producent
ChickenfootSoap On A Rope2009Producent
ChickenfootTurnin' Left2009Producent
CinderellaBad Seamstress Blues / Fallin' Apart At The Seams1988Producent
CinderellaBlack Home Again1986Producent
CinderellaComing Home1988Producent
CinderellaDon't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone)1988Producent
CinderellaFire And Ice1988Producent
CinderellaGypsy Road1988Producent
CinderellaHell On Wheels1986Producent
CinderellaIf You Don't Like It1988Producent
CinderellaIn From The Outside1986Producent
CinderellaLong Cold Winter1988Producent
CinderellaNight Songs1986Producent
CinderellaNobody's Fool1986Producent
CinderellaNothin' For Nothin'1986Producent
CinderellaOnce Around The Ride1986Producent
CinderellaPush, Push1986Producent
CinderellaSecond Wind1988Producent
CinderellaShake Me1986Producent
CinderellaSomebody Save Me1986Producent
CinderellaTake Me Back1988Producent
CinderellaThe Last Mile1988Producent
CinderellaThe Road's Still Long1994Musik/Text
Clouds [UK]Heritage1968Producent
Clouds [UK]Make No Bones About It1968Producent
FreeCome Together In The Morning1972Producent
FreeCommon Mortal Man1973Producent
FreeEasy On My Soul1973Producent
FreeMuddy Water1973Producent
FreeSeven Angels1973Producent
FreeThe Hunter1968Producent
FreeTravellin In Style1972Producent
FreeWishing Well1972Producent
Gary MooreAll Messed Up1985Producent
Gary MooreRun For Cover1985Producent
Gary WrightCan't See The Reason1971Producent
Gary WrightFascination Things1972Producent
Gary WrightForgotten1972Producent
Gary WrightGet Hold On Yourself1971Producent
Gary WrightGet On The Right Road1971Producent
Gary WrightGive Me The Good Earth1972Producent
Gary WrightI Know A Place1971Producent
Gary WrightIf You Treat Someone Right1972Producent
Gary WrightI've Got A Story1971Producent
Gary WrightLove To Survive1972Producent
Gary WrightOver You Now1971Producent
Gary WrightSing A Song1971Producent
Gary WrightStand For Our Rights1971Producent
Gary WrightThe Wrong Time1971Producent
Gary WrightToo Late To Cry1971Producent
Gary WrightTwo Faced Man1972Producent
Gary WrightWe Try Hard1971Producent
Gary WrightWhether It's Right Or Wrong1972Producent
Heavy Metal KidsAin't Nothing But A House Party1975Producent
Heavy Metal KidsBlue-Eyed Boy1975Producent
Heavy Metal KidsCrisis1975Producent
Heavy Metal KidsHard At The Top1975Producent
Heavy Metal KidsOld Time Boogie1975Producent
Heavy Metal KidsOn The Street1975Producent
Heavy Metal KidsSituations Outta Control1975Producent
Heavy Metal KidsThe Big Fire1975Producent
Heavy Metal KidsThe Cops Are Coming1975Producent
Heavy Metal KidsThe Turk1975Producent
Heavy Metal KidsYou Got Me Rollin'1975Producent
House Of LordsAmerican Babylon1990Producent
House Of LordsCall My Name1988Producent
House Of LordsCan't Find My Way Home1990Producent
House Of LordsChains Of Love1990Producent
House Of LordsEdge Of Your Life1988Producent
House Of LordsHeart On The Line1990Producent
House Of LordsHearts Of The World1988Producent
House Of LordsI Wanna Be Loved1988Producent
House Of LordsIt Ain't Love1990Producent
House Of LordsJealous Heart1988Producent
House Of LordsKiss Of Fire1990Producent
House Of LordsLaydown Staydown1990Producent
House Of LordsLookin' For Strange1988Producent
House Of LordsLove Don't Lie1988Producent
House Of LordsPleasure Palace1988Producent
House Of LordsRemember My Name1990Producent
House Of LordsSahara1990Producent
House Of LordsShoot1990Producent
House Of LordsSlip Of The Tongue1988Producent
House Of LordsUnder Blue Skies1988Producent
Hughes / ThrallBeg, Borrow Or Steal1982Producent
Hughes / ThrallCoast To Coast1982Producent
Hughes / ThrallFirst Step Of Love1982Producent
Hughes / ThrallHold Out Your Life1982Producent
Hughes / ThrallI Got Your Number1982Producent
Hughes / ThrallMuscle And Blood1982Producent
Hughes / ThrallThe Look In Your Eyes1982Producent
Hughes / ThrallWhere Did The Time Go1982Producent
Hughes / ThrallWho Will You Run To1982Producent
Ill NiñoArrastra 2006Producent
Ill NiñoRed Rain2006Producent
Ill NiñoReservation For Two2006Producent
Ill NiñoTerritorial Pissings2006Producent
Ill NiñoZombie Eaters2006Producent
Jack BruceGolden Days1974Producent
Jack BruceInto The Storm1974Producent
Jack BruceKeep It Down1974Producent
Jack BruceKeep On Wondering1974Producent
Jack BruceOne1974Producent
Jack BrucePieces Of Mind1974Producent
Jack BruceRunning Through Our Hands1974Producent
Jack BruceTimeslip1974Producent
Joe SatrianiCryin'1992Producent
Joe SatrianiFriends1992Producent
Joe SatrianiMotorcycle Driver1992Producent
Joe SatrianiNew Blues1992Producent
Joe SatrianiRubina's Blue Sky Happiness1992Producent
Joe SatrianiSpeed Of Light1993Producent
Joe SatrianiSummer Song1992Producent
Joe SatrianiTears In The Rain1992Producent
Joe SatrianiThe Extremist1992Producent
Joe SatrianiWar1992Producent
Joe SatrianiWhy1992Producent
McAuley Schenker GroupDon't Stop Me Now1987Producent
McAuley Schenker GroupFollow The Night1987Producent
McAuley Schenker GroupGet Out1987Producent
McAuley Schenker GroupGimme Your Love1987Producent
McAuley Schenker GroupHere Today-Gone Tomorrow1987Producent
McAuley Schenker GroupI Don't Wanna Lose1987Producent
McAuley Schenker GroupLove Is Not A Game1987Producent
McAuley Schenker GroupNo Time For Losers1987Producent
McAuley Schenker GroupRock 'Til You're Crazy1987Producent
McAuley Schenker GroupTime1987Producent
Ronnie Wood12341981Producent
Ronnie WoodDown To The Ground1981Producent
Ronnie WoodFountain Of Love1981Producent
Ronnie WoodOutlaws1981Producent
Ronnie WoodPriceless1981Producent
Ronnie WoodRedeyes1981Producent
Ronnie WoodShe Never Told Me1981Producent
Ronnie WoodShe Was Out There1981Producent
Ronnie WoodWind Howlin' Through1981Producent
Steve Miller BandAll Your Love (I Miss Loving)1993Producent
String Driven ThingBut I Do1975Producent
String Driven ThingCall Out For Mercy1975Producent
String Driven ThingChains (I Wanna Be Just Like Stan Bowles)1975Producent
String Driven ThingOld Friends1975Producent
String Driven ThingPart Of It1975Producent
String Driven ThingStand Back In Amazement1975Producent
String Driven ThingStarving In The Tropics1975Producent
String Driven ThingThings We Said Today1975Producent
String Driven ThingWays Of A Woman1975Producent
TelevisionGuiding Light1977Producent
TelevisionMarquee Moon1977Producent
TelevisionProve It1977Producent
TelevisionSee No Evil1977Producent
TelevisionTorn Curtain1977Producent
The Steve Miller BandCan't Be Satisfied2011Producent
The Steve Miller BandClose Together2011Producent
The Steve Miller BandCome On (Let The Good Times Roll)2010Producent
The Steve Miller BandDon't Cha Know2010Producent
The Steve Miller BandDriftin' Blues2011Producent
The Steve Miller BandDrivin' Wheel2010Producent
The Steve Miller BandFurther On Up The Road2010Producent
The Steve Miller BandHey Yeah2010Producent
The Steve Miller BandI Ain't Got You2011Producent
The Steve Miller BandI Got Love If You Want It2011Producent
The Steve Miller BandJust A Little Bit2011Producent
The Steve Miller BandLook On Yonder Wall2010Producent
The Steve Miller BandLove The Life I Live2011Producent
The Steve Miller BandNo More Doggin'2011Producent
The Steve Miller BandOoh Poo Pah Doo2010Producent
The Steve Miller BandPretty Thing2011Producent
The Steve Miller BandRock Me Baby2010Producent
The Steve Miller BandSnatch It Back And Hold It2011Producent
The Steve Miller BandSweet Home Chicago2011Producent
The Steve Miller BandSweet Soul Vibe2010Producent
The Steve Miller BandTell Me What's The Reason2011Producent
The Steve Miller BandThe Walk2011Producent
The Steve Miller BandTramp2010Producent
The Steve Miller BandWhen Things Go Wrong (It Hurts Me Too)2011Producent
The Steve Miller BandWho's Been Talkin'?2010Producent
The Steve Miller BandYou Got Me Dizzy2010Producent
Van Halen3161991Producent
Van HalenIn 'N' Out1991Producent
Van HalenJudgement Day1991Producent
Van HalenMan On A Mission1991Producent
Van HalenPleasure Dome1991Producent
Van HalenPoundcake1991Producent
Van HalenRight Now1991Producent
Van HalenRunaround1991Producent
Van HalenSpanked1991Producent
Van HalenThe Dream Is Over1991Producent
Van HalenTop Of The World1991Producent
Nobody's Fool (Cinderella)395.05
Cryin' (Joe Satriani)135
Time (McAuley Schenker Group)115
Bad Seamstress Blues / Fallin' Apart At The Seams (Cinderella)124.92
Wishing Well (Free)404.9
Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone) (Cinderella)444.89
Shake Me (Cinderella)134.85
Elevation (Television)64.83
Guiding Light (Television)64.83
Torn Curtain (Television)64.83
The Extremist (Joe Satriani)114.82
Friction (Television)94.78
Night Songs (Cinderella)84.75
Long Cold Winter (Cinderella)74.71
Marquee Moon (Television)214.67
Somebody Save Me (Cinderella)94.67
See No Evil (Television)84.62
Push, Push (Cinderella)54.6
The Hunter (Free)74.57
Soap On A Rope (Chickenfoot)74.57
Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone) (Cinderella)444.89
Wishing Well (Free)404.9
Nobody's Fool (Cinderella)395.05
Right Now (Van Halen)314.26
Gypsy Road (Cinderella)304.37
Poundcake (Van Halen)244.38
Marquee Moon (Television)214.67
Cryin' (Joe Satriani)135
Shake Me (Cinderella)134.85
Bad Seamstress Blues / Fallin' Apart At The Seams (Cinderella)124.92
Coming Home (Cinderella)124.5
Good Guys Don't Always Wear White (Bon Jovi)124.42
Top Of The World (Van Halen)124.17
Time (McAuley Schenker Group)115
The Extremist (Joe Satriani)114.82
Run For Cover (Gary Moore)114.55
Venus (Television)114.27
Prove It (Television)104
Friction (Television)94.78
Somebody Save Me (Cinderella)94.67

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