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Pseudonyme / Alternative Schreibweisen: Bernard J.P. Taupin, Bernard John Taupin, Bernard Taupin, Berny Taupin, Carte Blanche
2 DJ's & OneI Engineer2002Musik/Text
2CellosCandle In The Wind2013Musik/Text
2PacGhetto Gospel2004Musik/Text
Al JarreauYour Song1976Musik/Text
Al JarreauYour Song (Live)1994Musik/Text
Alan BakerNikita1992Musik/Text
Alessia CaraI Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues2018Musik/Text
Alice CooperFor Veronica's Sake1978Musik/Text
Alice CooperFrom The Inside1978Musik/Text
Alice CooperHow You Gonna See Me Now1978Musik/Text
Alice CooperInmates (We're All Crazy)1978Musik/Text
Alice CooperJackknifeJohnny1978Musik/Text
Alice CooperMillie And Billie1978Musik/Text
Alice CooperNurse Rozetta1978Musik/Text
Alice CooperSerious1978Musik/Text
Alice CooperThe Quiet Room1978Musik/Text
Alice CooperWish I Were Born In Beverly Hills1978Musik/Text
Alice Cooper feat. Betty WrightNo Tricks1978Musik/Text
Aloe BlaccThe Man2013Musik/Text
Amii StewartYour Song1995Musik/Text
Amina, Romain Billard, Pierre Bouley, Marjorie & MichalDonner pour donner2003Musik/Text
Andy WilliamsYour Song1971Musik/Text
AnimotionI Engineer1986Musik/Text
Anita MeyerSorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word1999Musik/Text
Anne & PatxiĀ personne d'autre2003Musik/Text
April WineBad Side Of The Moon1972Musik/Text
Aretha FranklinBorder Song (Holy Moses)1970Musik/Text
Arnold FritzschYour Song1989Musik/Text
AyreonHow You Gonna See Me Now2004Musik/Text
BangbrosI Engineer2007Musik/Text
Barry Hay & JB MeijersBennie And The Jets2019Musik/Text
Barry ManilowSorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word2007Musik/Text
Barry RyanLight In Your Heart1990Musik/Text
Beastie Boys feat. Biz MarkieBenny And The Jets1999Musik/Text
BedouineCome Down In Time2018Musik/Text
(Bernard J.P. Taupin)
Ben E. KingTake Me To The Pilot1972Musik/Text
Benny NeymanEen vader en z'n zoon1993Musik/Text
Benny NeymanSorry1997Musik/Text
(Bernard Taupin)
Bernhard BrinkBB's Schmuse-Hitmix1997Musik/Text
Bernhard BrinkNikita - Du in deiner Welt1985Musik/Text
Bernie TaupinApproaching Armageddon1980Musik/Text
Bernie TaupinBilly Fury1987Musik/Text
Bernie TaupinBlitz Babies1980Musik/Text
Bernie TaupinBorn On The 4th Of July1980Musik/Text
Bernie TaupinCitizen Jane1987Musik/Text
Bernie TaupinConquistador1987Musik/Text
Bernie TaupinCorrugated Iron1987Musik/Text
Bernie TaupinDesperation Train1987Musik/Text
Bernie TaupinFriend Of The Flag1987Musik/Text
Bernie TaupinHold Back The Night1987Musik/Text
Bernie TaupinI Still Can't Believe That You're Gone1987Musik/Text
Bernie TaupinLove (The Barren Desert)1980Musik/Text
Bernie TaupinLover's Cross1980Musik/Text
Bernie TaupinMonkey On My Back (The Last Run)1980Musik/Text
Bernie TaupinShe Sends Shivers1987Musik/Text
Bernie TaupinThe New Lone Ranger1987Musik/Text
Bernie TaupinThe Whores Of Paris1980Musik/Text
Bernie TaupinValley Nights1980Musik/Text
Bernie TaupinVenezuela1980Musik/Text
Bettye LaVetteDon't Let The Sun Go Down On Me2010Musik/Text
(Bernard Taupin)
Bettye LaVetteTalking Old Soldiers2007Musik/Text
Billy PaulYour Song1972Musik/Text
Birds Of A FeatherBad Side Of The Moon1970Musik/Text
Birds Of A FeatherBorder Song1970Musik/Text
Birds Of A FeatherCountry Comfort1970Musik/Text
Birds Of A FeatherTake Me To The Pilot1970Musik/Text
Blow UpGoodbye Yellow Brick Road1974Musik/Text
Blue feat. Elton JohnSorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word2002Musik/Text
Bo DiddleyBad Side Of The Moon1971Musik/Text
Bo Katzman ChorThe Power2004Musik/Text
Bob The Builder feat. Elton JohnCrocodile Rock2001Musik/Text
Bobby GoldsboroYour Song1971Musik/Text
BoomerangWhen The Phone Stops Ringing1986Musik/Text
Brian & LucaDon't Let The Sun Go Down On Me2007Musik/Text
Brotherhood Of ManDon't Go Breakin' My Heart1979Musik/Text
(Carte Blanche)
Brothers OsborneTake Me To The Pilot2018Musik/Text
Bruce HornsbyMadman Across The Water1991Musik/Text
Bryan FerryDance With Life (The Brilliant Light)1996Musik/Text
Buckshot LeFonqueMona Lisas (And Mad Hatters)1994Musik/Text
Carl VerheyenGoodbye Yellow Brick Road2015Musik/Text
Carol HunterBorder Song1973Musik/Text
Charlie GlassCandle In The Wind2010Musik/Text
(Berny Taupin)
Charlie GlassYour Song2006Musik/Text
(Berny Taupin)
Chris StapletonI Want Love2018Musik/Text
Chris Thompson & NicoleDon't Let The Sun Go Down2008Musik/Text
Cilla BlackI Can't Go On Living Without You1970Musik/Text
Cilla BlackYour Song1970Musik/Text
Cissy HoustonYour Song1977Musik/Text
Clay AikenSorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word2006Musik/Text
ColdplayWe All Fall In Love Sometimes2018Musik/Text
Colin BlunstonePlanes1976Musik/Text
Collin RayeSorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word2014Musik/Text
Conny VandenbosMijn eerste liefde1975Musik/Text
Crystal GayleCage The Songbird1983Musik/Text
DanaSkyline Pigeon1970Musik/Text
Daryl Hall & John OatesPhiladelphia Freedom1991Musik/Text
David AcklesLove's Enough1972Producent
David SoulDance With Life1997Musik/Text
Dee Dee BridgewaterSorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word1978Musik/Text
Diana KrallSorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word2015Musik/Text
(Bernard Taupin)
Diana RossHarmony2012Musik/Text
(Bernard Taupin)
Die Hühnchen Junior TruppeDon't Go Breaking My Heart2006Musik/Text
(Carte Blanche)
Dierks BentleySad Songs (Say So Much)2018Musik/Text
Dieter Thomas Kuhn & BandGoodbye, Norma Jean1997Musik/Text
Dik DikE ho bisogno di te1973Musik/Text
Dik DikMa tu chi sei1973Musik/Text
DJ Tom, Stephen & Sam Pling pres. StarshipWe Built This City2002Musik/Text
Don Henley & Vince GillSacrifice2018Musik/Text
Donny OsmondYour Song2014Musik/Text
DovaTu canciķn1972Musik/Text
Dream TheaterFuneral For A Friend (Love Lies Bleeding)2012Musik/Text
DuxYour Song2019Musik/Text
Ed SheeranCandle In The Wind2014Musik/Text
Eddy SmetsNikita1986Musik/Text
Edouard Algayon, Pierre Bouley & Elodie FrégéDon't Go Breaking My Heart2003Musik/Text
(Carte Blanche)
Edouard Algayon, Pierre Bouley & MichalRocket Man2003Musik/Text
Eighth WonderWhen The Phone Stops Ringing1987Musik/Text
Elaine PaigeSorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word1985Musik/Text
Elkie BrooksI Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues1986Musik/Text
Ellie GouldingYour Song2010Musik/Text
Elton John(Gotta Get A) Meal Ticket1975Musik/Text
Elton JohnA Dandelion Dies In The Wind2021Musik/Text
Elton JohnA Good Heart2016Musik/Text
Elton JohnA Town Called Jubilee2013Musik/Text
Elton JohnA Word In Spanish1988Musik/Text
Elton JohnAll Across The Havens1968Musik/Text
Elton JohnAll Quiet On The Western Front1982Musik/Text
Elton JohnAll That I'm Allowed (I'm Thankful)2004Musik/Text
Elton JohnAll The Girls Love Alice1973Musik/Text
Elton JohnAll The Nasties1971Musik/Text
Elton JohnAmazes Me1989Musik/Text
Elton JohnAmerican Triangle2001Musik/Text
Elton JohnAmoreena1970Musik/Text
Elton JohnAmy1972Musik/Text
Elton JohnAnd The Clock Goes Around2021Musik/Text
Elton JohnAnd The House Fell Down2006Musik/Text
Elton JohnAngel Tree1968Musik/Text
Elton JohnAngeline1986Musik/Text
Elton JohnAnswer In The Sky2004Musik/Text
Elton JohnBad Side Of The Moon1970Musik/Text
Elton JohnBallad Of A Well-Known Gun1970Musik/Text
Elton JohnBallad Of The Boy In The Red Shoes2001Musik/Text
Elton JohnBelfast1995Musik/Text
Elton JohnBelieve1995Musik/Text
Elton JohnBennie And The Jets1973Musik/Text
Elton JohnBetter Off Dead1975Musik/Text
Elton JohnBetween Seventeen And Twenty1976Musik/Text
Elton JohnBig Man In A Little Suit1997Musik/Text
Elton JohnBilly Bones And The White Bird1975Musik/Text
Elton JohnBirds2001Musik/Text
Elton JohnBite Your Lip (Get Up And Dance!)1976Musik/Text
Elton JohnBitter Fingers1975Musik/Text
Elton JohnBlessed1995Musik/Text
Elton JohnBlue Avenue1989Musik/Text
Elton JohnBlue Wonderful2016Musik/Text
Elton JohnBlues For My Baby And Me1972Musik/Text
Elton JohnBlues Never Fade Away2006Musik/Text
Elton JohnBoogie Pilgrim1976Musik/Text
Elton JohnBorder Song1970Musik/Text
Elton JohnBreaking Hearts (Ain't What It Used To Be)1984Musik/Text
Elton JohnBurn Down The Mission1970Musik/Text
Elton JohnBurning Buildings1984Musik/Text
Elton JohnCage The Songbird1976Musik/Text
Elton JohnCan I Put You On1971Musik/Text
Elton JohnCandelit Bedroom2013Musik/Text
Elton JohnCandle In The Wind1973Musik/Text
Elton JohnCandle In The Wind 19971997Musik/Text
Elton JohnCandy By The Pound1985Musik/Text
Elton JohnCan't Stay Alone Tonight2013Musik/Text
Elton JohnCaptain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy1975Musik/Text
Elton JohnCartier Commercial1980Musik/Text
(Carte Blanche)
Elton JohnChameleon1976Musik/Text
Elton JohnChasing The Crown1980Musik/Text
Elton JohnClaw Hammer2016Musik/Text
Elton JohnClub At The End Of The Street1989Musik/Text
Elton JohnCold1995Musik/Text
Elton JohnCold As Christmas (In The Middle Of The Year)1983Musik/Text
Elton JohnCold Highway1974Musik/Text
Elton JohnCome Down In Time1970Musik/Text
Elton JohnCountry Comfort1970Musik/Text
Elton JohnCrazy Water1976Musik/Text
Elton JohnCrocodile Rock1972Musik/Text
Elton JohnCry To Heaven1985Musik/Text
Elton JohnCrystal1983Musik/Text
Elton JohnCurtains1975Musik/Text
Elton JohnDan Dare (Pilot Of The Future)1975Musik/Text
Elton JohnDancing In The End Zone1989Musik/Text
Elton JohnDaniel1972Musik/Text
Elton JohnDark Diamond2001Musik/Text
Elton JohnDid He Shoot Her?1984Musik/Text
Elton JohnDirty Little Girl1973Musik/Text
Elton JohnDixie Lily1974Musik/Text
Elton JohnDon't Let The Sun Go Down On Me1974Musik/Text
Elton JohnDurban Deep1989Musik/Text
Elton JohnEasier To Walk Away1990Musik/Text
Elton JohnElderberry Wine1972Musik/Text
Elton JohnEmily1992Musik/Text
Elton JohnEmpty Garden1982Musik/Text
Elton JohnEmpty Sky1969Musik/Text
Elton JohnEngland And America2016Musik/Text
Elton JohnFascist Faces1981Musik/Text
Elton JohnFat Boys And Ugly Girls1992Musik/Text
Elton JohnFeed Me1975Musik/Text
Elton JohnFirst Episode At Hienton1970Musik/Text
Elton JohnFools In Fashion1981Musik/Text
Elton JohnFreaks In Love2004Musik/Text
Elton JohnFree And Easy2016Musik/Text
Elton JohnFriends1971Musik/Text
Elton JohnFuneral For A Friend (Love Lies Bleeding)1973Musik/Text
Elton JohnGo It Alone1986Musik/Text
Elton JohnGoodbye1971Musik/Text
Elton JohnGoodbye Marlon Brando1988Musik/Text
Elton JohnGoodbye Yellow Brick Road1973Musik/Text
Elton JohnGrey Seal1970Musik/Text
Elton JohnGrimsby1974Musik/Text
Elton JohnGrow Some Funk Of Your Own1975Musik/Text
Elton JohnGuilty Pleasure2016Musik/Text
Elton JohnGulliver / It's Hay Chewed / Reprise1969Musik/Text
Elton JohnGypsy Heart1986Musik/Text
Elton JohnHard Luck Story1975Musik/Text
Elton JohnHarmony1973Musik/Text
Elton JohnHave Mercy On The Criminal1972Musik/Text
Elton JohnHealing Hands1989Musik/Text
Elton JohnHeartache All Over The World1986Musik/Text
Elton JohnHeavy Traffic1988Musik/Text
Elton JohnHeels Of The Wind1981Musik/Text
Elton JohnHello Hello2011Musik/Text
Elton JohnHercules1972Musik/Text
Elton JohnHey Papa Legba1982Musik/Text
Elton JohnHigh Flying Bird1972Musik/Text
Elton JohnHo, Ho, Ho (Who'd Be A Turkey At Christmas?)1973Musik/Text
Elton JohnHoliday Inn1971Musik/Text
Elton JohnHome Again2013Musik/Text
Elton JohnHoney Roll1971Musik/Text
Elton JohnHonky Cat1972Musik/Text
Elton JohnHoop Of Fire1986Musik/Text
Elton JohnHourglass2021Musik/Text
Elton JohnHouse1995Musik/Text
Elton JohnHouse Of Cards1975Musik/Text
Elton JohnHymn 20001969Musik/Text
Elton JohnI Am Your Robot1982Musik/Text
Elton JohnI Can't Go On Living Without You1968Musik/Text
Elton JohnI Can't Keep This From You2004Musik/Text
Elton JohnI Can't Steer My Heart Clear Of You1997Musik/Text
Elton JohnI Don't Wanna Go On With You Like That1988Musik/Text
Elton JohnI Fall Apart1986Musik/Text
Elton JohnI Feel Like A Bullet (In The Gun Of Robert Ford)1975Musik/Text
Elton JohnI Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues1983Musik/Text
Elton JohnI Know Why I'm In Love1997Musik/Text
Elton JohnI Meant To Do My Work Today (A Day In The Country)1971Musik/Text
Elton JohnI Must Have Lost It On The Wind2006Musik/Text
Elton JohnI Need You To Turn To1970Musik/Text
Elton JohnI Never Knew Her Name1989Musik/Text
Elton JohnI Stop And I Breathe2004Musik/Text
Elton JohnI Swear I Heard The Night Talking1990Musik/Text
Elton JohnI Think I'm Going To Kill Myself1972Musik/Text
Elton JohnI Want Love2001Musik/Text
Elton JohnIdol1976Musik/Text
Elton JohnIf The River Can Bend1997Musik/Text
Elton JohnIf There's A God In Heaven (What's He Waiting For?)1976Musik/Text
Elton JohnI'm Gonna Be A Teenage Idol1972Musik/Text
Elton JohnI'm Still Standing1983Musik/Text
Elton JohnIn Neon1984Musik/Text
Elton JohnIn The Name Of You2016Musik/Text
Elton JohnIndian Sunset1971Musik/Text
Elton JohnInto The Old Man's Shoes1970Musik/Text
Elton JohnIsland Girl1975Musik/Text
Elton JohnIt's Getting Dark In Here2004Musik/Text
Elton JohnIt's Me That You Need1969Musik/Text
Elton JohnI've Been Loving You1968Musik/Text
Elton JohnI've Got 2 Wings2016Musik/Text
Elton JohnI've Seen That Movie Too1973Musik/Text
Elton JohnI've Seen The Saucers1974Musik/Text
Elton JohnJack Rabbit1970Musik/Text
Elton JohnJamaica Jerk-off1973Musik/Text
Elton JohnJanuary1997Musik/Text
Elton JohnJapanese Hands1988Musik/Text
Elton JohnJust Like Belgium1981Musik/Text
Elton JohnJust Like Noah's Ark2006Musik/Text
Elton JohnJust Like Strange Rain1969Musik/Text
Elton JohnKiss The Bride1983Musik/Text
Elton JohnLady Samantha1968Musik/Text
Elton JohnLady What's Tomorrow1969Musik/Text
Elton JohnLatitude1995Musik/Text
Elton JohnLeather Jackets1986Musik/Text
Elton JohnLet Me Be Your Car1992Musik/Text
Elton JohnLevon1971Musik/Text
Elton JohnLies1995Musik/Text
Elton JohnLi'l 'Frigerator1984Musik/Text
Elton JohnLive Like Horses1996Musik/Text
Elton JohnLong Way From Happiness1997Musik/Text
Elton JohnLook Ma, No Hands2001Musik/Text
Elton JohnLooking Up2015Musik/Text
Elton JohnLove Builds A Garden2011Musik/Text
Elton JohnLove Her Like Me2001Musik/Text
Elton JohnLove Is A Cannibal1989Musik/Text
Elton JohnLove So Cold1980Musik/Text
Elton JohnLove's Got A Lot To Answer For1997Musik/Text
Elton JohnLovesick1978Musik/Text
Elton JohnMade For Me1990Musik/Text
Elton JohnMade In England1995Musik/Text
Elton JohnMadman Across The Water1971Musik/Text
Elton JohnMan1995Musik/Text
Elton JohnMansfield2001Musik/Text
Elton JohnMedicine Man1990Musik/Text
Elton JohnMedley (Yell Help, Wednesday Night, Ugly)1975Musik/Text
Elton JohnMellow1972Musik/Text
Elton JohnMexican Vacation (Kids In The Candlelight)2013Musik/Text
Elton JohnMichelle's Song1971Musik/Text
Elton JohnMidnight Creeper1972Musik/Text
Elton JohnMona Lisas And Mad Hatters1972Musik/Text
Elton JohnMona Lisas And Mad Hatters (Part Two)1988Musik/Text
Elton JohnMy Baby's A Saint1988Musik/Text
Elton JohnMy Elusive Drug2004Musik/Text
Elton JohnMy Father's Gun1970Musik/Text
Elton JohnMy Quicksand2013Musik/Text
Elton JohnNikita1985Musik/Text
Elton JohnNina2021Musik/Text
Elton JohnNo Shoe Strings On Louise1970Musik/Text
Elton JohnOceans Away2013Musik/Text
Elton JohnOld 672006Musik/Text
Elton JohnOn Dark Street1992Musik/Text
Elton JohnOne Horse Town1976Musik/Text
Elton JohnOne More Arrow1983Musik/Text
Elton JohnOriginal Sin2001Musik/Text
Elton JohnOscar Wilde Gets Out2013Musik/Text
Elton JohnOut Of The Blue1976Musik/Text
Elton JohnPain1995Musik/Text
Elton JohnParis1986Musik/Text
Elton JohnPassengers1984Musik/Text
Elton JohnPinky1974Musik/Text
Elton JohnPlanes1992Musik/Text
Elton JohnPlease1995Musik/Text
Elton JohnPoor Cow1988Musik/Text
Elton JohnPorch Swing In Tupelo2004Musik/Text
Elton JohnPostcards From Richard Nixon2006Musik/Text
Elton JohnRazor Face1971Musik/Text
Elton JohnRecover Your Soul1997Musik/Text
Elton JohnRegimental Sgt. Zippo2021Musik/Text
Elton JohnReligion1983Musik/Text
Elton JohnRestless1984Musik/Text
Elton JohnRock And Roll Madonna1970Musik/Text
Elton JohnRock Me When He's Gone1992Musik/Text
Elton JohnRocket Man (I Think It's Going To Be A Long Long Time)1972Musik/Text
Elton JohnRope Around A Fool1988Musik/Text
Elton JohnRotten Peaches1971Musik/Text
Elton JohnRoy Rogers1973Musik/Text
Elton JohnSacrifice1989Musik/Text
Elton JohnSad Songs (Say So Much)1984Musik/Text
Elton JohnSails1969Musik/Text
Elton JohnSaint1983Musik/Text
Elton JohnSalvation1972Musik/Text
Elton JohnSatellite1985Musik/Text
Elton JohnSaturday Night's Alright For Fighting1973Musik/Text
Elton JohnScrew You (Young Man's Blues)1973Musik/Text
Elton JohnSeasons1971Musik/Text
Elton JohnShoot Down The Moon1985Musik/Text
Elton JohnShoulder Holster1976Musik/Text
Elton JohnSick City1974Musik/Text
Elton JohnSimple Life1992Musik/Text
Elton JohnSince God Invented Girls1988Musik/Text
Elton JohnSixty Years On1970Musik/Text
Elton JohnSkyline Pigeon1969Musik/Text
Elton JohnSlave1972Musik/Text
Elton JohnSleeping With The Past1989Musik/Text
Elton JohnSlow Down Georgie (She's Poison)1984Musik/Text
Elton JohnSocial Disease1973Musik/Text
Elton JohnSolar Prestige A Gammon1974Musik/Text
Elton JohnSomeone Saved My Life Tonight1975Musik/Text
Elton JohnSomeone's Final Song1976Musik/Text
Elton JohnSomething About The Way You Look Tonight1997Musik/Text
Elton JohnSon Of Your Father1970Musik/Text
Elton JohnSong For Guy1978Musik/Text
Elton JohnSorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word1976Musik/Text
Elton JohnSoul Glove1985Musik/Text
Elton JohnSpiteful Child1982Musik/Text
Elton JohnStep Into Christmas1973Musik/Text
Elton JohnStinker1974Musik/Text
Elton JohnStones Throw From Hurtin'1989Musik/Text
Elton JohnStreet Kids1975Musik/Text
Elton JohnSuit Of Wolves1992Musik/Text
Elton JohnSusie (Dramas)1972Musik/Text
Elton JohnSweat It Out1992Musik/Text
Elton JohnSweet Painted Lady1973Musik/Text
Elton JohnTake Me To The Pilot1969Musik/Text
Elton JohnTake This Dirty Water2013Musik/Text
Elton JohnTalking Old Soldiers1970Musik/Text
Elton JohnTambourine2016Musik/Text
Elton JohnTartan Coloured Lady2021Musik/Text
Elton JohnTeacher I Need You1972Musik/Text
Elton JohnTell Me What The Papers Say1985Musik/Text
Elton JohnTell Me When The Whistle Blows1975Musik/Text
Elton JohnTexan Love Song1972Musik/Text
Elton JohnThe Ballad Of Blind Tom2013Musik/Text
Elton JohnThe Ballad Of Danny Bailey (1909-34)1973Musik/Text
Elton JohnThe Big Picture1997Musik/Text
Elton JohnThe Bitch Is Back1974Musik/Text
Elton JohnThe Bridge2006Musik/Text
Elton JohnThe Cage1970Musik/Text
Elton JohnThe Camera Never Lies1988Musik/Text
Elton JohnThe Captain And The Kid2006Musik/Text
Elton JohnThe Diving Board2013Musik/Text
Elton JohnThe Emperor's New Clothes2001Musik/Text
Elton JohnThe End Will Come1997Musik/Text
Elton JohnThe Fox1981Musik/Text
Elton JohnThe Greatest Discovery1970Musik/Text
Elton JohnThe Heart Of Every Girl2003Musik/Text
Elton JohnThe King Must Die1970Musik/Text
Elton JohnThe Last Song1992Musik/Text
Elton JohnThe New Fever Waltz2013Musik/Text
Elton JohnThe North1992Musik/Text
Elton JohnThe North Star2001Musik/Text
Elton JohnThe One1992Musik/Text
Elton JohnThe Open Chord2016Musik/Text
Elton JohnThe Retreat1982Musik/Text
Elton JohnThe Scaffold1969Musik/Text
Elton JohnThe Wasteland2001Musik/Text
Elton JohnThe Wide-Eyed And Laughing1976Musik/Text
Elton JohnTheme From A Non-Existent TV Series1976Musik/Text
Elton JohnThey Call Her The Cat2004Musik/Text
Elton JohnThis Song Has No Title1973Musik/Text
Elton JohnThis Town1985Musik/Text
Elton JohnThis Train Don't Stop There Anymore2001Musik/Text
Elton JohnTicking1974Musik/Text
Elton JohnTinderbox2006Musik/Text
Elton JohnTiny Dancer1971Musik/Text
Elton JohnTonight1976Musik/Text
Elton JohnToo Low For Zero1983Musik/Text
Elton JohnToo Many Tears2004Musik/Text
Elton JohnToo Young1985Musik/Text
Elton JohnTortured1981Musik/Text
Elton JohnTower Of Babel1975Musik/Text
Elton JohnTown Of Plenty1988Musik/Text
Elton JohnTurn The Lights Out When You Leave2004Musik/Text
Elton JohnTurn To Me2021Musik/Text
Elton JohnTwo Rooms At The End Of The World1980Musik/Text
Elton JohnUnderstanding Women1992Musik/Text
Elton JohnVal-Hala1969Musik/Text
Elton JohnVariation On Friends1992Musik/Text
Elton JohnVariation On Michelle's Song (A Day In The Country)1992Musik/Text
Elton JohnVoyeur2013Musik/Text
Elton JohnWatching The Planes Go By2021Musik/Text
Elton JohnWe All Fall In Love Sometimes1975Musik/Text
Elton JohnWeight Of The World2004Musik/Text
Elton JohnWestern Ford Gateway1969Musik/Text
Elton JohnWhen A Woman Doesn't Want You1992Musik/Text
Elton JohnWhen I Was Tealby Abbey2021Musik/Text
Elton JohnWhenever You're Ready (We'll Go Steady Again)1973Musik/Text
Elton JohnWhere Have All The Good Times Gone?1982Musik/Text
Elton JohnWhere To Now St. Peter?1970Musik/Text
Elton JohnWhere's The Shoorah?1976Musik/Text
Elton JohnWhipping Boy1983Musik/Text
Elton JohnWhispers1989Musik/Text
Elton JohnWhite Lady White Powder1980Musik/Text
Elton JohnWhitewash County1992Musik/Text
Elton JohnWho Wears These Shoes?1984Musik/Text
Elton JohnWicked Dreams1997Musik/Text
Elton JohnWonderful Crazy Night2016Musik/Text
Elton JohnWouldn't Have You Any Other Way (NYC)2006Musik/Text
Elton JohnWrap Her Up1985Musik/Text
Elton JohnWriting1975Musik/Text
Elton JohnYou Can Make History (Young Again)1997Musik/Text
Elton JohnYou Gotta Love Someone1990Musik/Text
Elton JohnYour Sister Can't Twist (But She Can Rock'n Roll)1973Musik/Text
Elton JohnYour Song1970Musik/Text
Elton JohnYou're So Static1974Musik/Text
Elton John & Alessandro SafinaYour Song2001Musik/Text
Elton John & Cliff RichardSlow Rivers1986Musik/Text
Elton John & Dua LipaCold Heart2021Musik/Text
Elton John & Eric ClaptonRunaway Train1992Musik/Text
Elton John & Kiki DeeDon't Go Breaking My Heart1976Musik/Text
(Carte Blanche)
Elton John & Kiki DeeDon't Go Breaking My Heart (Live)2000Musik/Text
(Carte Blanche)
Elton John & Kiki DeeSnow Queen1976Musik/Text
Elton John & Little RichardThe Power1993Musik/Text
Elton John & Luciano PavarottiLive Like Horses1996Musik/Text
Elton John & Millie JacksonAct Of War1985Musik/Text
Elton John & RuPaulDon't Go Breaking My Heart1993Musik/Text
(Carte Blanche)
Elton John & Tammy WynetteA Woman's Needs1993Musik/Text
Elton John & Taron Egerton(I'm Gonna) Love Me Again2019Musik/Text
Elton John / Leon RussellEight Hundred Dollar Shoes2010Musik/Text
Elton John / Leon RussellGone To Shiloh2010Musik/Text
Elton John / Leon RussellHey Ahab2010Musik/Text
Elton John / Leon RussellI Should Have Sent Roses2010Musik/Text
Elton John / Leon RussellJimmie Rodgers' Dream2010Musik/Text
Elton John / Leon RussellMandalay Again2010Musik/Text
Elton John / Leon RussellMonkey Suit2010Musik/Text
Elton John / Leon RussellMy Kind Of Hell2010Musik/Text
Elton John / Leon RussellNever Too Old (To Hold Somebody)2010Musik/Text
Elton John / Leon RussellThe Best Part Of The Day2010Musik/Text
Elton John / Leon RussellWhen Love Is Dying2010Musik/Text
Elton John / P!nk / LogicBennie And The Jets2018Musik/Text
Elton John et France GallDonner pour donner1980Musik/Text
Elton John vs. PnauBlack Icy Stare2012Musik/Text
Elton John vs. PnauForeign Fields2012Musik/Text
Elton John vs. PnauGood Morning To The Night2012Musik/Text
Elton John vs. PnauKarmatron2012Musik/Text
Elton John vs. PnauPhoenix2012Musik/Text
Elton John vs. PnauSad2012Musik/Text
Elton John vs. PnauSixty2012Musik/Text
Elton John vs. PnauTelegraph To The Afterlife2012Musik/Text
Elton John with AdamskiMedicine Man1990Musik/Text
Elton John with The Melbourne Symphony OrchestraCandle In The Wind1987Musik/Text
Elton John with The Melbourne Symphony OrchestraYour Song1987Musik/Text
Emeli SandéAll The Girls Love Alice2014Musik/Text
EngelbertSorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word1990Musik/Text
Engelbert with Elton JohnSomething About The Way You Look Tonight2014Musik/Text
Enoch Light & The Light BrigadeTake Me To The Pilot1972Musik/Text
Eric ClaptonBorder Song1991Musik/Text
EusonI Need You To Turn To1971Musik/Text
ExileFly On The Wall1987Musik/Text
Fall Out BoySaturday Night's Alright For Fighting2014Musik/Text
Florence + The MachineTiny Dancer2018Musik/Text
Franck PourcelFriends1971Musik/Text
Gene PitneySkyline Pigeon1975Musik/Text
George MichaelIdol2014Musik/Text
George MichaelTonight1991Musik/Text
George Michael / Elton JohnDon't Let The Sun Go Down On Me1991Musik/Text
Get Well SoonRocket Man2014Musik/Text
Gil VenturaCrocodile Rock1973Musik/Text
GilbertCandle In The Wind '971997Musik/Text
Gitte HænningYour Song1998Musik/Text
Giuliano Palma feat. ChiaraDon't Go Breaking My Heart2016Musik/Text
Glee CastDon't Go Breaking My Heart2010Musik/Text
(Carte Blanche)
Gloria EstefanDon't Let The Sun Go Down On Me1990Musik/Text
Grant & ForsythI'm Still Standing1998Musik/Text
Günter Noris und die Big Band der BundeswehrCrocodile Rock1973Musik/Text
Guys 'N' DollsI've Been Loving You1976Musik/Text
Håkon PedersenJag står stadigt1989Musik/Text
Hank MarvinRocket Man1993Musik/Text
Hank MarvinYour Song2002Musik/Text
Harry Connick Jr.Your Song2009Musik/Text
HeartThese Dreams1985Musik/Text
Heaven 17Rocket Man2015Musik/Text
Hi-Revving TonguesTake Me To The Pilot1970Musik/Text
Howard CarpendaleSorry hab' ich viel zu oft gesagt1992Musik/Text
Hudson BrothersRendezvous1975Producent
Hunter HayesGoodbye Yellow Brick Road2014Musik/Text
HuskySkyline Pigeon1972Musik/Text
Hylda Baker & Arthur MullardDon't Go Breaking My Heart1978Musik/Text
(Carte Blanche)
I NomadiAla bianca1970Musik/Text
Ike & Tina TurnerPhiladelphia Freedom1980Musik/Text
Imelda MayYour Sister Can't Twist (But She Can Rock 'n Roll)2014Musik/Text
Ireen SheerIch komm wieder2003Musik/Text
Ireen Sheer & Gavin Du PorterDu bist das, was ich will1976Musik/Text
(Carte Blanche)
Ironik feat. Chipmunk & Elton JohnTiny Dancer (Hold Me Closer)2008Musik/Text
JamaiSorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word2003Musik/Text
James BluntI Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues2014Musik/Text
James LastDon't Let The Sun Go Down On Me1974Musik/Text
James Last And OrchestraSorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word1991Musik/Text
Jamie CullumRocket Man2004Musik/Text
Jane & HerondyPra que esquentar1977Musik/Text
(Carte Blanche)
Jason GreeleySad Songs2005Musik/Text
Jasper SteverlinckWe All Fall In Love Sometimes2004Musik/Text
Jeff BuckleyWe All Fall In Love Sometimes1992Musik/Text
Jesse MalinHarmony2008Musik/Text
Jette TorpDon't Let The Sun Go Down On Me1998Musik/Text
JimYour Song2003Musik/Text
Jimmy OsmondCountry / Rock Medley [A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock 'N' Roll / Snowbird / Crocodile Rock / 9 To 5 / Heart Of Rock 'N' Roll / Proud Mary / Lil' Bit Country / Rock 'N' Roll]2005Musik/Text
Jimmy PatrickYour Song1971Musik/Text
Jimmy ScottSorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word1998Musik/Text
Jo VallyNikita2002Musik/Text
Joe CockerDon't Let The Sun Go Down On Me1991Musik/Text
Joe CockerSorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word1991Musik/Text
Joey TravoltaNice And Slow1979Musik/Text
John GrantSweet Painted Lady2014Musik/Text
John WaiteDeal For Life1990Musik/Text
Johnny FarnhamTake Me To The Pilot1971Musik/Text
Johnny FarnhamYour Song1971Musik/Text
Johnny LeeYour Song1977Musik/Text
Johnny Pearson And His OrchestraSorry Seems To Be The Hardest Words1977Musik/Text
Johnny TillotsonBallad Of A Well Known Gun1972Musik/Text
Jon Bon JoviLevon1991Musik/Text
Jonathan & CharlotteVero amore2012Musik/Text
José FelicianoBorder Song1971Musik/Text
José FelicianoDaniel1997Musik/Text
José FelicianoTake Me To The Pilot1971Musik/Text
Joseph WilliamsSorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word2007Musik/Text
Joseph WilliamsYour Song2006Musik/Text
Joss Stone & Elton JohnCalling It Christmas2005Musik/Text
Joy UnlimitedTake Me To The Pilot1970Musik/Text
Judge DreadJamaica Jerk Off1975Musik/Text
Judy CollinsCome Down In Time1976Musik/Text
Juice NewtonCountry Comfort1981Musik/Text
Juice Newton & Dan SealsThese Dreams2010Musik/Text
Juliane WerdingVerzeih' mir zu sagen ist so schwer1977Musik/Text
JungleYour Song1997Musik/Text
Kacey MusgravesRoy Rogers2018Musik/Text
Kanye WestGood Morning2007Musik/Text
KaoryStep Into Christmas2020Musik/Text
Karel GottDein Lied1971Musik/Text
Karel GottDeštivũ den1978Musik/Text
Karel GottYour Song1977Musik/Text
Kate BushCandle In The Wind1991Musik/Text
Kate BushRocket Man (I Think It's Going To Be A Long, Long Time)1991Musik/Text
Kate TaylorBallad Of A Well Known Gun1970Musik/Text
Kate TaylorCountry Comfort1970Musik/Text
Keith UrbanCountry Comfort2004Musik/Text
Kenny LattimoreCome Down In Time2008Musik/Text
Kenny Rogers & The First EditionBorder Song1973Musik/Text
Kidd VideoIt's Over When The Phone Stops Ringing1986Musik/Text
Kiki DeeCage The Songbird2006Musik/Text
Kiki DeeLonnie And Josie1973Musik/Text
Kiki DeeSupercool1973Musik/Text
Kiki DeeThe Last Good Man In My Life1973Musik/Text
Kikki DanielssonTake Me To The Pilot1983Musik/Text
Kit Connor, Gemma Jones, Bryce Dallas Howard & Steven MackintoshI Want Love2019Musik/Text
Klaus WunderlichMolina / Crocodile Rock / Mama Mia1973Musik/Text
Knoxville GrassDixie Lily Musik/Text
Lady GagaYour Song2018Musik/Text
Lani HallCome Down In Time1972Musik/Text
Lani HallTiny Dancer1972Musik/Text
Larry MurrayCountry Comfort1971Musik/Text
LatimoreTake Me To The Pilot1973Musik/Text
Lee Ann WomackHonky Cat2018Musik/Text
Lee Towers & Anita MeyerDon't Go Breaking My Heart1986Musik/Text
(Carte Blanche)
Leona LewisSorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word2006Musik/Text
Lesley GoreDaniel Musik/Text
Liliane Saint-PierreSorry1998Musik/Text
Limahl & DynelleDon't Go Breaking My Heart2004Musik/Text
(Carte Blanche)
Linda KendrickHouse Of Cards1975Musik/Text
LisleYour Song1973Musik/Text
Lita FordThe Bitch Is Back2012Musik/Text
Little Big TownRocket Man2018Musik/Text
Long John BaldryRock Me When He's Gone1971Musik/Text
Lorenzo LicitraYour Song2017Musik/Text
Lory BiancoSorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word1990Musik/Text
LuluI Can't Go On Living Without You1969Musik/Text
LuluNice And Slow1979Musik/Text
Mama's JasjeAls ik je terug zal zien2007Musik/Text
Mandy MooreMona Lisas And Mad Hatters2003Musik/Text
Maren MorrisMona Lisas And Mad Hatters2018Musik/Text
Mariah CareyFly Away1997Musik/Text
Marianne FaithfullFor Wanting You1999Musik/Text
Marie LaforętDaniel1974Musik/Text
Mario CaselliDit is voor jou1998Musik/Text
Martha WashI'm Still Standing1996Musik/Text
Mary BurnsSorry Seems To be The Hardest Word1980Musik/Text
Mary J BligeDeep Inside1999Musik/Text
Mary J BligeSorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word2004Musik/Text
Mary TraversIndian Sunset1971Musik/Text
Matthew Morrison and Elton JohnMona Lisas And Mad Hatters / Rocket Man2011Musik/Text
Maynard FergusonYour Song1971Musik/Text
Me First And The Gimme GimmesDon't Let The Sun Go Down On Me1998Musik/Text
Me First And The Gimme GimmesRocket Man1997Musik/Text
Mel JerseyHe, Nikita ist Dir kalt1985Musik/Text
MelanieI Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues2002Musik/Text
Melissa ManchesterHey Ricky (You're A Low Down Heel)1982Musik/Text
Melissa ManchesterWorking Girl (For The)1980Musik/Text
MFSBPhiladelphia Freedom1975Musik/Text
Mia MartiniIo straniera1972Musik/Text
Mia MartiniPicnic1973Musik/Text
Michael DamianI Engineer1986Musik/Text
Michael HirteCandle In The Wind2012Musik/Text
Michel DelpechC'est ta chanson1979Musik/Text
Michel DelpechDame de la ville basse1979Musik/Text
Michel DelpechDaniel1979Musik/Text
Miguel feat. WaleBennie And The Jets2014Musik/Text
Mike LammSorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word2004Musik/Text
(Bernard John Taupin)
Mike ZitoRocket Man2006Musik/Text
Miley CyrusDon't Let The Sun Go Down On Me2018Musik/Text
Miley CyrusThe Bitch Is Back2018Musik/Text
Miranda LambertMy Father's Gun2018Musik/Text
Miss MurphySorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word2013Musik/Text
Mouth & MacNealI Need You To Turn To1972Musik/Text
Mumford & SonsSomeone Saved My Life Tonight2018Musik/Text
My Morning JacketRocket Man2001Musik/Text
Nelly Furtado feat. Elton JohnCrocodile Rock2011Musik/Text
Neon 8These Dreams2002Musik/Text
NevenRocket Girl2000Musik/Text
NickelbackSaturday Night's Alright (For Fighting)2008Musik/Text
Nicole Kidman, Ewan McGregor, Jim Broadbent, Jacek Koman, John Leguizamo, Garry MacDonald, Richard Roxburgh and Matthew WhittetThe Pitch (Spectacular Spectacular)2002Musik/Text
Nino Tempo & April StevensDon't Go Breaking My Heart1982Musik/Text
(Carte Blanche)
OdettaTake Me To The Pilot1970Musik/Text
Oleta AdamsDon't Let The Sun Go Down On Me1991Musik/Text
Oliver [US]Your Song1971Musik/Text
Olivia Newton-JohnThe Rumour1988Musik/Text
Orchester Bruno BertoneSong For Guy Musik/Text
Ornella VanoniSorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word1997Musik/Text
Party Service BandDon't Let The Sun Go Down On Me1992Musik/Text
Patti LaBelle feat. Elton JohnYour Song2005Musik/Text
Paul MauriatDon't Go Breaking My Heart1977Musik/Text
(Carte Blanche)
Paul MauriatEmpty Garden1982Musik/Text
Paul YoungBennie And The Jets2006Musik/Text
Pepe Lienhard OrchestraYour Song2006Musik/Text
Pet Shop Boys feat. Elton JohnBelieve / Song For Guy2017Musik/Text
Peter CeteraDip Your Wings1992Musik/Text
Peter Fleischhauer und die RTL Big Band feat. John C. MarshallYour Song1994Musik/Text
Peter HofmannBlue Eyes1996Musik/Text
Peter HofmannYour Song1998Musik/Text
Petruta KüpperCandle In The Wind2018Musik/Text
Phil Collins & The Serious BandBurn Down The Mission1990Musik/Text
Pierre BouleyI'm Still Standing2003Musik/Text
Plastic PennyTurn To Me1969Musik/Text
Polly BrownI Can't Go On Living Without You1973Musik/Text
Q-Tip feat. Demi LovatoDon't Go Breaking My Heart2018Musik/Text
(Carte Blanche)
Queens Of The Stone AgeGoodbye Yellow Brick Road2018Musik/Text
RajatonI Need You To Turn To2010Musik/Text
Raphael JegerDon't Let The Sun Go Down On Me2006Musik/Text
Ray Charles with Elton JohnSorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word2004Musik/Text
Ray ConniffGoodbye Yellow Brick Road1974Musik/Text
Ray ConniffSorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word1976Musik/Text
Red Hot Chili PeppersSick Love2016Musik/Text
Red Vincent HurleyPhiladelphia Freedom1976Musik/Text
Rhonda Vincent & Dolly PartonPlease2018Musik/Text
Richard AnthonyL'amour se meurt entre mes mains1975Musik/Text
Richard BarnesYour Song1970Musik/Text
Richard ClaydermanCandle In The Wind1991Musik/Text
Richard ClaydermanSacrifice1991Musik/Text
Richard ClaydermanSomething About The Way You Look Tonight1998Musik/Text
Richard Clayderman & James LastSacrifice1991Musik/Text
Richie SamboraWeathering The Storm2012Musik/Text
Ringo StarrSnookeroo1974Musik/Text
RoachfordYour Song2016Musik/Text
Roadcase RoyaleThese Dreams2017Musik/Text
Rob de NijsIets van een wonder1994Musik/Text
Rob de NijsKleine prins1986Musik/Text
(Bernard Taupin)
Rob de NijsOpen einde1986Musik/Text
Robert PhilipViele sterben im Frieden1977Musik/Text
Rod StewartCountry Comfort1970Musik/Text
Rod StewartGuess I'll Always Love You (Live)1982Musik/Text
Rod StewartHard Lesson To Learn1986Musik/Text
Rod StewartLet Me Be Your Car1974Musik/Text
Rod StewartNever Give Up On A Dream1981Musik/Text
Rod StewartSonny1981Musik/Text
Rod StewartYour Song1991Musik/Text
Roger DaltreyDon't Let The Sun Go Down On Me1987Musik/Text
Roger WhittakerYour Song1978Musik/Text
Romain Billard, Pierre Bouley & MichalBennie And The Jets2003Musik/Text
Ronan Keating feat. Elton JohnYour Song2008Musik/Text
Ronny Mo'Your Song1995Musik/Text
Rosanne Cash & Emmylou HarrisThis Train Don't Stop There Anymore2018Musik/Text
Ross AntonyVerzeih mir zu sagen ist so schwer2015Musik/Text
Roy C.Your Song1975Musik/Text
Roy DruskyDixie Lily1974Musik/Text
Royal Romantic OrchestraNikita1997Musik/Text
Royal Romantic OrchestraYour Song1997Musik/Text
Russell Brand and Catherine Zeta-JonesWe Built This City / We're Not Gonna Take It2012Musik/Text
Sam SmithDaniel2018Musik/Text
Sandy DennyCandle In The Wind1977Musik/Text
Sarah DarlingSorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word2011Musik/Text
Scatman JohnSorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word1999Musik/Text
Semino RossiFue como una luz2007Musik/Text
Shirley BasseySorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word1991Musik/Text
Silver MetreNow They've Found Me (Ballad Of A Well Known Gun)1970Musik/Text
Simon ClaySong For Guy1980Musik/Text
Simon MeliTiny Dancer Musik/Text
Sinéad O'ConnorSacrifice1991Musik/Text
Sofia Essaīdi & Elodie FrégéCandle In The Wind2003Musik/Text
Sofia Essaīdi & MichalSacrifice2003Musik/Text
Sofia Essaīdi & MichalSorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word2003Musik/Text
Solomon BurkeThree Psalms Of Elton: 1) Your Song 2) Border Song 3) Take Me To The Pilot1971Musik/Text
Sophie-TithSorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word2013Musik/Text
Søs Fenger & Peter FrödinDon't Go Breaking My Heart2007Musik/Text
SoulosophyTake Me To The Pilot1971Musik/Text
Spooky ToothSon Of Your Father1969Musik/Text
Star Academy 3Goodbye Yellow Brick Road2003Musik/Text
Star Academy 3Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting2003Musik/Text
StarshipLove Rusts1985Musik/Text
StarshipThe Burn1989Musik/Text
StarshipWe Built This City1985Musik/Text
Steven HoughtonSorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word1997Musik/Text
StingCome Down In Time1991Musik/Text
Straight No Chaser feat. Elton JohnDon't Let The Sun Go Down On Me2013Musik/Text
Su KramerDas Lied1978Musik/Text
Sunlight ChocolateDon't Go Breaking My Heart1976Musik/Text
(Carte Blanche)
Suzy Bogguss & Chet AtkinsSorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word1994Musik/Text
Sylvie VartanJe te cherche1974Musik/Text
T.I. feat. AkonWonderful Life2012Musik/Text
Talib KweliHoly Moly2007Musik/Text
Taron EgertonAmoreena2019Musik/Text
Taron EgertonBennie And The Jets2019Musik/Text
Taron EgertonBorder Song2019Musik/Text
Taron EgertonCrocodile Rock2019Musik/Text
Taron EgertonHercules2019Musik/Text
Taron EgertonI'm Still Standing2016Musik/Text
(Bernard Taupin)
Taron EgertonRock And Roll Madonna2019Musik/Text
Taron EgertonRocket Man2019Musik/Text
Taron EgertonSorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word2019Musik/Text
Taron EgertonTake Me To The Pilot2019Musik/Text
Taron EgertonThank You For All Your Loving2019Musik/Text
Taron EgertonTiny Dancer2019Musik/Text
Taron EgertonYour Song2019Musik/Text
Taron Egerton & Celinde SchoenmakerDon't Let The Sun Go Down On Me2019Musik/Text
Taron Egerton & Jamie BellGoodbye Yellow Brick Road2019Musik/Text
Taron Egerton & Kit ConnorSaturday Night's Alright (For Fighting)2019Musik/Text
Taron Egerton & Rachel MuldoonDon't Go Breaking My Heart2019Musik/Text
Taron Egerton & Richard MaddenHonky Cat2019Musik/Text
Taron Egerton & Sebastian RichThe Bitch Is Back2019Musik/Text
Team 5ünfSorry ist für uns das schwerste Wort2021Musik/Text
(Bernard J.P. Taupin)
The 5th DimensionBorder Song1972Musik/Text
The Air MailCrocodile Rock1973Musik/Text
The Band PerryGrey Seal2014Musik/Text
The Beach BoysCrocodile Rock1991Musik/Text
The Chosen FewDaniel1976Musik/Text
The Eddy Starr SingersYour Song1981Musik/Text
The Elton John BandPhiladelphia Freedom1975Musik/Text
The FarmersCrocodile Rock1991Musik/Text
The HiltonairesCandle In The Wind1974Musik/Text
The HiltonairesCrocodile Rock1973Musik/Text
The HiltonairesSaturday Night's Alright For Fighting1973Musik/Text
The Jimmy Castor BunchDaniel1974Musik/Text
The Kiki Dee BandHard Luck Story1974Musik/Text
(Carte Blanche)
The KillersMona Lisas And Mad Hatters2018Musik/Text
The Les Humphries Singers And OrchestraRocket Man / Old Cotton Wheel / She's Really Something Else1972Musik/Text
The LettermenThe Greatest Discovery1971Musik/Text
The London Symphony OrchestraSaturday Night's Alright For Fighting1991Musik/Text
The MotelsInto The Heartland1983Musik/Text
The New EditionYour Song1976Musik/Text
The New SeekersDon't Go Breaking My Heart1976Musik/Text
(Carte Blanche)
The New SeekersYour Song1971Musik/Text
The Nolan SistersYour Song1978Musik/Text
The Orange BicycleTake Me To The Pilot1970Musik/Text
The Pierced ArrowGoodbye Yellow Brick Road1974Musik/Text
The Pierced ArrowSaturday Night's Alright For Fighting1973Musik/Text
The PioneersJamaica Jerk Off1974Musik/Text
The Puppini SistersStep Into Christmas2010Musik/Text
The RattlesWe Built This City2001Musik/Text
The Royal Philharmonic OrchestraYour Song1991Musik/Text
The ShadowsCandle In The Wind1989Musik/Text
The ShadowsGoodbye Yellow Brick Road1977Musik/Text
The ShadowsI Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues1987Musik/Text
The Sir EchoesCrocodile Rock1973Musik/Text
The SpotnicksNikita1987Musik/Text
The StreetsYour Song2007Musik/Text
The WeekndScared To Live2020Musik/Text
(Bernard J.P. Taupin)
The WhoSaturday Night's Alright (For Fighting)1991Musik/Text
Three Dog NightLady Samantha1969Musik/Text
Three Dog NightYour Song1970Musik/Text
Tina ArenaYour Song2008Musik/Text
Tina TurnerThe Bitch Is Back1978Musik/Text
Tina TurnerThe Bitch Is Back [1991]1991Musik/Text
Toby KeithGimme 8 Seconds2001Musik/Text
Tommy Fortnight & DeeDon't Go Breaking My Heart1976Musik/Text
(Carte Blanche)
Tommy GoldSad Songs1984Musik/Text
Tommy KörbergSol på jorden1970Musik/Text
Tortoise & Bonnie "Prince" BillyDaniel2006Musik/Text
TotoBurn Down The Mission2002Musik/Text
TransAtlanticGoodbye Yellow Brick Road2014Musik/Text
Trey LorenzPhotograph Of Mary1992Musik/Text
Tyler HamiltonDon't Let The Sun Go Down On Me2004Musik/Text
Udo LindenbergGoodbye, Norma Jean1979Musik/Text
Vicky LeandrosDemain matin1973Musik/Text
Vicky LeandrosMontagmorgen1973Musik/Text
Vince HillYour Song1973Musik/Text
Vince NeilBitch Is Back2010Musik/Text
Walter JacksonSomeone Saved My Life Tonight1976Musik/Text
Walter JacksonSorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word1977Musik/Text
Wayne NewtonWe All Fall In Love Sometimes1976Musik/Text
WednesdayLoving You Baby1975Musik/Text
William HungHealing Hands2005Musik/Text
William Shatner feat. Steve HillageRocket Man2011Musik/Text
Willie NelsonBorder Song2018Musik/Text
Willie NelsonThis Face2002Musik/Text
Willie Nelson & Kid RockLast Stand In Open Country2002Musik/Text
Willie Nelson & Lee Ann WomackMendocino County Line2002Musik/Text
Wilson PhillipsDaniel1991Musik/Text
Wolfgang PetryVerzeih' mir zu sagen ist so schwer1979Musik/Text
WoolTake Me To The Pilot1971Musik/Text
WouterI Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues2005Musik/Text
Young Thug feat. Elton JohnHigh2018Musik/Text
Zac Brown BandHarmony2014Musik/Text

TitelKom in på listanTopveckor
Island Girl (Elton John)1975-11-14163
Grow Some Funk Of Your Own (Elton John)1976-05-11171
Don't Go Breaking My Heart (Elton John & Kiki Dee)1976-09-0739
Nikita (Elton John)1985-12-1376
We Built This City (Starship)1985-12-1345
Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me (George Michael / Elton John)1991-12-1828
The One (Elton John)1992-06-10294
Believe (Elton John)1995-03-10258
Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word (Blue feat. Elton John)2003-01-23220
Your Song (Ellie Goulding)2011-02-04258
The Man (Aloe Blacc)2014-02-21625
Step Into Christmas (Elton John)2017-12-29673
Scared To Live (The Weeknd)2020-03-27341
Cold Heart (Elton John & Dua Lipa)2021-08-20613
Your Song (Elton John)2135.38
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (Elton John)1635.28
Song For Guy (Elton John)1285.27
These Dreams (Heart)945.15
Candle In The Wind (Elton John)1605.14
Daniel (José Feliciano)85.12
Candle In The Wind (Elton John with The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra)105.1
Sacrifice (Elton John)1835.08
I'm Still Standing (Elton John)2345.05
Rocket Man (I Think It's Going To Be A Long Long Time) (Elton John)1455.05
I Need You To Turn To (Elton John)215.05
Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word (Elton John)1405.01
Ticking (Elton John)165
Your Song (Elton John with The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra)85
Wish I Were Born In Beverly Hills (Alice Cooper)75
Crocodile Rock (Elton John)2064.96
The Last Song (Elton John)454.96
Someone Saved My Life Tonight (Elton John)704.91
Tiny Dancer (Elton John)874.91
Skyline Pigeon (Elton John)204.9
Candle In The Wind 1997 (Elton John)2454.48
Nikita (Elton John)2424.79
I'm Still Standing (Elton John)2345.05
Ghetto Gospel (2Pac)2164.01
Your Song (Elton John)2135.38
We Built This City (Starship)2094.33
Crocodile Rock (Elton John)2064.96
Don't Go Breaking My Heart (Elton John & Kiki Dee)2024.82
Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word (Blue feat. Elton John)1973.83
Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me (George Michael / Elton John)1844.6
Sacrifice (Elton John)1835.08
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (Elton John)1635.28
Candle In The Wind (Elton John)1605.14
Sad Songs (Say So Much) (Elton John)1554.63
I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues (Elton John)1534.8
I Engineer (Animotion)1504.8
Rocket Man (I Think It's Going To Be A Long Long Time) (Elton John)1455.05
Daniel (Elton John)1434.9
Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word (Elton John)1405.01
Song For Guy (Elton John)1285.27

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