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Anderson / Bruford / Wakeman / HoweFist Of Fire1989Producent
Anderson / Bruford / Wakeman / HoweLet's Pretend1989Producent
Anderson / Bruford / Wakeman / HoweQuartet1989Producent
Anderson / Bruford / Wakeman / HoweTeakbois1989Producent
Anderson / Bruford / Wakeman / HoweThe Meeting1989Producent
Anderson / Bruford / Wakeman / HoweThemes1989Producent
Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman & HoweBirthright1989Producent
Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman & HoweBrother Of Mine1989Producent
Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman & HoweOrder Of The Universe1989Producent
AshWild Surf1998Producent
Betty WrightReggae The Night Away1983Producent
Bill WymanJump Up1981Musik/Text
Cactus World NewsChurch Of The Cold1986Producent
Cactus World NewsIn A Whirlpool1986Producent
Cactus World NewsJigsaw Street1986Producent
Cactus World NewsMaybe This Time1986Producent
Cactus World NewsPilots Of Beka1986Producent
Cactus World NewsState Of Emergency1986Producent
Cactus World NewsThe Bridge1985Producent
Cactus World NewsThe Promise1986Producent
Cactus World NewsWorlds Apart1986Producent
Cactus World NewsYears Later1986Producent
CarilloI Wanna Live Again1978Producent
ComfortThe Proof Of You1998Producent
Curt SmithRain1993Producent
Curt SmithStill In Love With You1993Producent
Curt SmithWonder Child1993Producent
David KnopflerA Clear Day (St. Swithun's Day)2001Producent
David KnopflerMay You Never2001Producent
David KnopflerShadowlands2001Producent
David KnopflerThe Snowscape Paperweight Girl2001Producent
Deacon BlueBound To Love1994Producent
Deacon BlueStill In The Mood1994Producent
Diesel Park WestAll The Myths On Sunday1989Producent
Diesel Park WestJackie's Still Sad1988Producent
Diesel Park WestLike Princes Do1989Producent
Diesel Park WestWhat About Us1988Producent
Diesel Park WestWhen The Hoodoo Comes1989Producent
Duran DuranAll Along The Water1990Producent
Duran DuranCan You Deal With It1990Producent
Duran DuranDowntown1990Producent
Duran DuranFirst Impression1990Producent
Duran DuranHothead1990Producent
Duran DuranLiberty1990Producent
Duran DuranMy Antarctica1990Producent
Duran DuranRead My Lips1990Producent
Duran DuranSerious1990Producent
Duran DuranVenice Drowning1990Producent
Duran DuranViolence Of Summer (Love's Taking Over)1990Producent
EatBelly Town1992Producent
EatGolden Egg1992Producent
EdenFlowers In The Rain1985Producent
Erja Lyytinen24 Angels2017Producent
Erja LyytinenAwakening2017Producent
Erja LyytinenBlack Ocean2017Producent
Erja LyytinenBroken Eyes2017Producent
Erja LyytinenCity Of Angels2017Producent
Erja LyytinenLove Laboratory2017Producent
Erja LyytinenLover's Novels2017Producent
Erja LyytinenRocking Chair2017Producent
Erja LyytinenSilver Stones2017Producent
Erja LyytinenSlowly Burning2017Producent
Erja LyytinenStolen Hearts2017Producent
FingerprintzMadame X1981Producent
FishCarnival Man1991Producent
FishDear Friend1991Producent
FishFavourite Stranger1991Producent
FishInternal Exile1991Producent
FishJust Good Friends (Close)1991Producent
FishPoet's Moon1991Producent
FishSomething In The Air1991Producent
Gipsy KingsAmor gitano1997Producent
Gipsy KingsCanto a Brazil1997Producent
Gipsy KingsDi me1997Producent
Gipsy KingsLa fiesta comenza1997Producent
Gipsy KingsLo mal y lo bien1997Producent
Gipsy KingsMi niño1997Producent
Gipsy KingsMira la gitana mora1997Producent
Gipsy KingsObsesion de amor1997Producent
Gipsy KingsQue si que no (funiculi funicula)1997Producent
Gipsy KingsRecuerdo apasionado1997Producent
Gipsy KingsSalsa de noche1997Producent
Gipsy KingsSolo por tí (Amiwawa)1997Producent
Gipsy KingsUna rumba por aqui1997Producent
Jimmy CliffTreat The Youths Right1982Producent
Joan Jett & The BlackheartsI Love You Love Me love1984Producent
Joan Jett & The BlackheartsI Need Someone1984Producent
JoBoxersIs This Really The First Time1985Producent
JoBoxersStrictly Business1985Producent
JoBoxersTwo Weeks Notice1985Producent
Johnny HallydayAre The Chances Gone1994Producent
Johnny HallydayBefore You Change Your Mind1994Producent
Johnny HallydayBlue Moon Rising2000Producent
Johnny HallydayCan't Stop Wanting You1994Producent
Johnny HallydayChanter pour toi1996Producent
Johnny HallydayComme un roc1996Producent
Johnny HallydayCrazy Over You1995Producent
Johnny HallydayDans le Bayou1996Producent
Johnny HallydayDry Spell1994Producent
Johnny HallydayFool For The Blues1994Producent
Johnny HallydayHi Heel Sneakers1996Producent
Johnny HallydayHurricane1994Producent
Johnny HallydayI Wanna Make Love To You1994Producent
Johnny HallydayIt's A Long Way Home1994Producent
Johnny HallydayJe serai là1993Producent
Johnny HallydayJe vais te secouer1996Producent
Johnny HallydayJolie petite rock'n'rolleuse1996Producent
Johnny HallydayLa ville des âmes en peine1996Producent
Johnny HallydayL'hymne à l'amour1996Producent
Johnny HallydayLightnin'1994Producent
Johnny HallydayLove Me Tender1996Producent
Johnny HallydayMemphis est loin d'ici1996Producent
Johnny HallydayMiss Claudie1996Producent
Johnny HallydayMonnaie, monnaie1996Producent
Johnny HallydayOne Moment In Your Life2000Producent
Johnny HallydayRequiem pour un fou [Parc des Princes 1993]1993Producent
Johnny HallydayRough Town1994Producent
Johnny HallydayRouler sur la rivière1996Producent
Johnny HallydaySur la route de Memphis1996Producent
Johnny HallydayYou're Mine1994Producent
Johnny Hallyday feat. Kathy MatteaLove Affair1994Producent
Kiki DeeAngel Eyes1987Producent
Kiki DeeI Fall In Love Too Easily1987Producent
Kiki DeeStay Close To You1987Producent
Killing JokeA New Day1984Producent
Killing JokeAdorations1986Producent
Killing JokeBlue Feather1985Producent
Killing JokeChessboards1986Producent
Killing JokeDance Day1984Producent
Killing JokeDarkness Before Dawn1985Producent
Killing JokeEighties1984Producent
Killing JokeEurope1985Producent
Killing JokeExile1986Producent
Killing JokeGoodbye To The Village1986Producent
Killing JokeKings And Queens1985Producent
Killing JokeLove Like Blood1985Producent
Killing JokeLove Of The Masses1986Producent
Killing JokeMultitudes1985Producent
Killing JokeNight Time1985Producent
Killing JokeRubicon1986Producent
Killing JokeSanity1986Producent
Killing JokeTabazan1985Producent
Killing JokeThe Madding Crowd1985Producent
Killing JokeTwilight Of The Mortal1986Producent
Killing JokeWintergardens1986Producent
MarillionBitter Suite1985Producent
MarillionBlind Curve1985Producent
MarillionChildhoods End?1985Producent
MarillionGoing Under1987Producent
MarillionHeart Of Lothian1985Producent
MarillionHotel Hobbies1987Producent
MarillionI Will Walk On Water1992Producent
MarillionJust For The Record1987Producent
MarillionLady Nina1985Producent
MarillionLords Of The Backstage1985Producent
MarillionPseudo Silk Kimono1985Producent
MarillionSlàinte Mhath1987Producent
MarillionSugar Mice1987Producent
MarillionThat Time Of The Night (The Short Straw)1987Producent
MarillionThe Last Straw: Happy Ending1987Producent
MarillionTorch Song1987Producent
MarillionTux On1987Producent
MarillionWarm Wet Circles1987Producent
MarillionWaterhole (Expresso Bongo)1985Producent
MarillionWhite Feather1985Producent
MarillionWhite Russian1987Producent
Marmalade(Your Wish Is In) The Wishing Well1973Producent
MarmaladeEngine Driver1973Producent
MarmaladeHallelujah Freedom Blues1973Musik/Text
MarmaladeOur House Is Rockin'1973Musik/Text
Michael Bolton & Johnny HallydayFool For Love (Requiem pour un fou)1996Producent
Michael Bolton & Johnny HallydayFool For Love [version anglaise]1996Producent
New Model ArmyAll Consuming Fire2007Producent
New Model ArmyArm Yourselves And Run2009Producent
New Model ArmyAutumn2009Producent
New Model ArmyBad Harvest2009Producent
New Model ArmyBloodsports2007Producent
New Model ArmyBreathing2007Producent
New Model ArmyDawn2007Producent
New Model ArmyDisappeared2009Producent
New Model ArmyGod Save Me2009Producent
New Model ArmyHigh2007Producent
New Model ArmyInto The Wind2007Producent
New Model ArmyLa Push2009Producent
New Model ArmyMambo Queen Of The Sandstone City2009Producent
New Model ArmyNo Mirror, No Shadow2007Producent
New Model ArmyNorth Star2009Producent
New Model ArmyNothing Dies Easy2007Producent
New Model ArmyOcean Rising2009Producent
New Model ArmyOne Of The Chosen2007Producent
New Model ArmyPeace Is Only2009Producent
New Model ArmyRivers2007Producent
New Model ArmySky In Your Eyes2007Producent
New Model ArmyStates Radio2009Producent
New Model ArmyToday Is A Good Day2009Producent
New Model ArmyWired2007Producent
NoiseworksI Can't Win1988Producent
NoiseworksIn My Youth1988Producent
NoiseworksKeep Me Running1988Producent
NoiseworksLive And Die1988Producent
NoiseworksSimple Man1988Producent
NoiseworksTell It Like It Is1988Producent
NoiseworksVoice Of Reason1988Producent
Peter FramptonA Thousand Dreams2010Producent
Peter FramptonAll I Want To Be (Is By Your Side)1972Producent
Peter FramptonAlright1972Producent
Peter FramptonAsleep At The Wheel2010Producent
Peter FramptonBlack Ice2010Producent
Peter FramptonEverything I Need1979Producent
Peter FramptonFig Tree Bay1972Producent
Peter FramptonGot My Feet Back On The Ground1979Producent
Peter FramptonHard1972Producent
Peter FramptonI Can't Stand It No More1979Producent
Peter FramptonI Understand2010Producent
Peter FramptonI Want It Back2010Producent
Peter FramptonI'm Due A You2010Producent
Peter FramptonInvisible Man2010Producent
Peter FramptonIt's A Plain Shame1972Producent
Peter FramptonIt's A Sad Affair1979Producent
Peter FramptonJumping Jack Flash1972Producent
Peter FramptonLady Lieright1972Producent
Peter FramptonLiberte: Megumi / Huria Watu2010Producent
Peter FramptonMay I Baby1979Producent
Peter FramptonOh For Another Day1972Producent
Peter FramptonRestraint2010Producent
Peter FramptonShe Don't Reply1979Producent
Peter FramptonSolution2010Producent
Peter FramptonTake Me By The Hand1979Producent
Peter FramptonThank You Mr. Churchill2010Producent
Peter FramptonThe Lodger1972Producent
Peter FramptonVaudeville Nanna And The Banjolele2010Producent
Peter FramptonWe've Just Begun1979Producent
Peter FramptonWhere I Should Be (Monkey's Song)1979Producent
Peter FramptonWind Of Change1972Producent
Peter FramptonYou Don't Know Like I Know1979Producent
Peter Frampton & Julian FramptonRoad To The Sun2010Producent
Peter PerrettAn Epic Story2017Producent
Peter PerrettC Voyeurger2017Producent
Peter PerrettHard To Say No2017Producent
Peter PerrettHow The West Was Won2017Producent
Peter PerrettLiving In My Head2017Producent
Peter PerrettMan Of Extremes2017Producent
Peter PerrettSomething In My Brain2017Producent
Peter PerrettSweet Endeavour2017Producent
Peter PerrettTake Me Home2017Producent
Peter PerrettTroika2017Producent
Peter ToshFeel No Way1978Producent
Peter ToshGlasshouse1978Producent
Peter ToshJohnny B. Goode1983Producent
Peter ToshMama Africa1978Producent
Peter ToshNot Gonna Give It Up1978Producent
Peter ToshPeace Treaty1978Producent
Peter ToshStop That Train1978Producent
Peter ToshWhere You Gonna Run1978Producent
Piper [US]Can't Wait1977Producent
Psychedelic FursAll Of The Law1987Producent
Psychedelic FursAngels Don't Cry1987Producent
Psychedelic FursHeartbreak Beat1986Producent
Psychedelic FursMidnight To Midnight1987Producent
Psychedelic FursNew Dream1986Producent
Psychedelic FursNo Release1987Producent
Psychedelic FursOne More Word1987Producent
Psychedelic FursPretty In Pink '861986Producent
Psychedelic FursShadow In My Heart1987Producent
Psychedelic FursShock1987Producent
Psychedelic FursTorture1987Producent
Sylvie VartanTes tendres années (Live)1993Producent
Terry ReidAin't No Shadow1978Producent
Terry ReidAll I Have To Do Is Dream1978Producent
Terry ReidBaby, I Love You1978Producent
Terry ReidBelieve In The Magic1978Producent
Terry ReidBowangi1978Producent
Terry ReidRogue Wave1978Producent
Terry ReidStop And Think It Over1978Producent
Terry ReidThen I Kissed Her1978Producent
Terry ReidWalk Away Renee1978Producent
The Anti-Nowhere LeagueWe Will Survive1984Producent
The Escape ClubGoodbye Joey Rae1988Producent
The Escape ClubJealousy1988Producent
The Escape ClubOnly The Rain1988Producent
The Escape ClubShake For The Sheik1988Producent
The Escape ClubStanding On A Bridge1989Producent
The Escape ClubStaring At The Sun1988Producent
The Escape ClubThe Longest Day1988Producent
The Escape ClubWalking Through Walls1988Producent
The Escape ClubWe Can Run1988Producent
The Escape ClubWho Do You Love?1988Producent
The Escape ClubWild, Wild West1988Producent
The Escape ClubWorking For The Fatman1988Producent
The Heights [UK]High As You2005Producent
The Heights [UK]Long Way Home2005Producent
The LawAnything For You1991Producent
The LawCome Save Me (Julianne)1991Producent
The LawFor A Little Ride1991Producent
The LawMiss You In A Heartbeat1991Producent
The LawMissing You Bad Girl1991Producent
The LawNature Of The Beast1991Producent
The LawStone1991Producent
The LawStone Cold1991Producent
The LawTough Love1991Producent
The ProclaimersAct Of Remembrance2001Producent
The ProclaimersScotland's Story2001Producent
The ProclaimersThere's A Touch2001Producent
The QuireboysBrother Louie1993Producent
The QuireboysDon't Bite The Hand1993Producent
The Rolling StonesAll The Way Down1983Producent
The Rolling StonesAlmost Hear You Sigh1989Producent
The Rolling StonesBlinded By Love1989Producent
The Rolling StonesBreak The Spell1989Producent
The Rolling StonesCan't Be Seen1989Producent
The Rolling StonesContinental Drift1989Producent
The Rolling StonesCook Cook Blues1989Producent
The Rolling StonesFancyman Blues1989Producent
The Rolling StonesFeel On Baby1983Producent
The Rolling StonesHearts For Sale1989Producent
The Rolling StonesHighwire1991Producent
The Rolling StonesHold On To Your Hat1989Producent
The Rolling StonesI Love You Too Much2011Producent
The Rolling StonesI Think I'm Going Mad1983Producent
The Rolling StonesIt Must Be Hell1983Producent
The Rolling StonesJumpin' Jack Flash (Live)1991Producent
The Rolling StonesMixed Emotions1989Producent
The Rolling StonesNo Spare Parts2011Producent
The Rolling StonesPretty Beat Up1983Producent
The Rolling StonesRock And A Hard Place1989Producent
The Rolling StonesRuby Tuesday (Live)1991Producent
The Rolling StonesSad Sad Sad1989Producent
The Rolling StonesSexdrive1991Producent
The Rolling StonesShe Was Hot1983Producent
The Rolling StonesSlipping Away1989Producent
The Rolling StonesSo Young1994Producent
The Rolling StonesTerrifying1989Producent
The Rolling StonesTie You Up (The Pain Of Love)1983Producent
The Rolling StonesToo Much Blood1983Producent
The Rolling StonesToo Tough1983Producent
The Rolling StonesUndercover Of The Night1983Producent
The Rolling StonesWanna Hold You1983Producent

TitelKom in på listanTopveckor
Undercover Of The Night (The Rolling Stones)1983-11-29151
Mixed Emotions (The Rolling Stones)1989-09-06152
Highwire (The Rolling Stones)1991-03-27143
Sexdrive (The Rolling Stones)1991-09-11311
Touch (Noiseworks)145.07
Love Like Blood (Killing Joke)795.01
Pseudo Silk Kimono (Marillion)175
Kayleigh (Marillion)1944.99
Lavender (Marillion)614.97
Credo (Fish)94.89
That Time Of The Night (The Short Straw) (Marillion)94.89
Brother Of Mine (Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman & Howe)84.88
Childhoods End? (Marillion)144.86
Warm Wet Circles (Marillion)224.82
Heart Of Lothian (Marillion)254.8
Johnny B. Goode (Peter Tosh)714.76
Eighties (Killing Joke)164.75
My Antarctica (Duran Duran)64.67
Fancyman Blues (The Rolling Stones)84.62
Bitter Suite (Marillion)154.6
I Wanna Make Love To You (Johnny Hallyday)54.6
Internal Exile (Fish)244.58
All I Want To Be (Is By Your Side) (Peter Frampton)124.58
Sugar Mice (Marillion)284.57
Kayleigh (Marillion)1944.99
Love Like Blood (Killing Joke)795.01
Ruby Tuesday (Live) (The Rolling Stones)794.43
Undercover Of The Night (The Rolling Stones)723.76
Johnny B. Goode (Peter Tosh)714.76
Incommunicado (Marillion)634.03
Lavender (Marillion)614.97
Mixed Emotions (The Rolling Stones)604.22
Violence Of Summer (Love's Taking Over) (Duran Duran)513.41
Serious (Duran Duran)363.94
Highwire (The Rolling Stones)363.86
Sugar Mice (Marillion)284.57
Wild, Wild West (The Escape Club)283.86
She Was Hot (The Rolling Stones)264.23
Rock And A Hard Place (The Rolling Stones)264.19
Heart Of Lothian (Marillion)254.8
Internal Exile (Fish)244.58
Almost Hear You Sigh (The Rolling Stones)234.13
Warm Wet Circles (Marillion)224.82
Pseudo Silk Kimono (Marillion)175

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