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"Oliver!" CompanyFinale1962Producent
Babbity BlueDon't Make Me (Fall In Love With You)1965Producent
Barry Humphries, Paul Whitsun-Jones, Sonia FraserThat's Your Funeral1962Producent
Billy FuryA King For Tonight1962Producent
Billy FuryA Million Miles From Nowhere1963Producent
Billy FuryBaby Come On1963Producent
Billy FuryBecause Of Love1962Producent
Billy FuryDon't Jump1962Producent
Billy FuryGlad All Over1964Musik/Text
Billy FuryGo Ahead And Ask Her1963Producent
Billy FuryHalfway To Paradise1961Producent
Billy FuryHard Times (No One Knows Better Than I)1963Producent
Billy FuryI Love How You Love Me1962Producent
Billy FuryI'd Never Find Another You1961Producent
Billy FuryIf I Lose You1962Producent
Billy FuryIn Summer1963Producent
Billy FuryJealousy1961Producent
Billy FuryLast Night Was Made For Love1962Producent
Billy FuryLet's Paint The Town1962Producent
Billy FuryLetter Full Of Tears1962Producent
Billy FuryLike I've Never Been Gone1963Producent
Billy FuryMagic Eyes1962Producent
Billy FuryNobody's Child1963Producent
Billy FuryOnce Upon A Dream1962Producent
Billy FuryPlay It Cool1962Producent
Billy FuryPlease Don't Go1962Producent
Billy FuryRunning Around1962Producent
Billy FurySomebody Else's Girl1963Producent
Billy FuryThe Twist Kid1962Producent
Billy FuryYou're Swell1962Producent
Brian Clough & J. J. BarrieYou Can't Win 'Em All1980Producent
Brian PooleEverything I Touch Turns To Tears1966Producent
Brian PooleI Need Her Tonight1966Musik/Text
Brian Poole & The Tremeloes(Meet Me) Where We Used To Meet1964Producent
Brian Poole & The TremeloesA Very Good Year For Girls1963Producent
Brian Poole & The TremeloesCould It Be You?1965Producent
Brian Poole & The TremeloesGood Lovin'1965Producent
Brian Poole & The TremeloesSomeone, Someone1964Producent
Brian Poole & The TremeloesTill The End Of Time1964Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesAfter Awhile1965Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesAlley Oop1963Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesAre You Loving Me At All1964Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesBaby Workout1963Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesBlue1962Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesBreaking Up Is Hard To Do / Devil Woman / Roses Are Red (My Love) / Halfway To Paradise1962Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesCandy Man1964Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesChills1965Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesCome On In1964Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesDa Doo Ron Ron1963Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesDo You Love Me1963Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesDon't Be Afraid Little Darlin'1963Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesDon't Cry1964Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesDon't Ever Change / Let's Twist Again / The Loco-Motion1962Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesGinny Come Lately / Stranger On The Shore / Dream Baby (How Long Must I Dream) / The Swiss Maid1962Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesHands Off1965Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesHeard It All Before1965Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesHey Baby / Sherry / It Might As Well Rain Until September / I Can't Stop Loving You1962Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesHey Girl1966Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesI Can Dance!1963Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesI Could Make You Love Me1964Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesI Want Candy1965Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesI Wish I Could Dance1964Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesIf You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody1963Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesIt's All Right1965Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesKeep On Dancing1963Musik/Text
Brian Poole And The TremeloesLost Love1962Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesLove Me Baby1965Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesMeet Me Where We Used To Meet1963Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesMichael Row The Boat Ashore1965Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesOver The Mountain, Across The Sea1963Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesPeanuts1963Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesPlease Be Mine1966Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesRag Doll1965Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesRun Back Home1963Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesSho' Miss You Baby1965Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesSong Of A Broken Heart1965Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesSouth Street1963Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesSpeedy Gonzales / (Dance With The) Guitar Man / Sheila / Let's Dance1962Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesSure Miss You Baby1965Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesSwinging On A Star1964Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesTell Me How You Care1964Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesThat Ain't Right1962Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesThree Bells1964Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesTime Is On My Side1965Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesTimes Have Changed1965Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesTwelve Steps To Love1964Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesTwenty Miles1963Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesTwist And Shout1963Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesTwist Little Sister1962Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesTwistin' The Night Away / Things / Return To Sender1962Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesUncle Willie1965Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesWe Know1963Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesWell Who's That1965Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesWhat Do You Want With My Baby1965Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesWhy Can't You Love Me1963Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesYakety Yak1964Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesYou Can't Sit Down1965Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesYou Don't Know Like I Know1963Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesYou Don't Own Me1965Producent
Brian Poole And The TremeloesYou Know1965Producent
ChantersAll Day Long1967Producent
ChantersEvery Night (I Sit And Cry)1966Producent
ChantersYou Can't Fool Me1967Producent
ChristieComing Home Tonight1970Producent
ChristieCountry B. Sam1971Producent
ChristieCountry Boy1970Producent
ChristieDown The Mississippi Line1970Producent
ChristieEvery Now And Then1971Producent
ChristieFor All Mankind1971Producent
ChristieGotta Be Free1970Producent
ChristieHere I Am1970Producent
ChristieI Believe In You1971Producent
ChristieIf Only1971Producent
ChristieInside Looking Out1970Producent
ChristieIron Horse1971Producent
ChristieI've Got A Feeling1970Producent
ChristieJohnny One Time1970Producent
ChristieMagic Highway1971Producent
ChristieMan Of Many Faces1971Producent
ChristieMartian King1971Producent
ChristieMy Baby's Gone1971Producent
ChristieNew York City1970Producent
ChristiePeace Lovin' Man1971Producent
ChristiePicture Painter1971Producent
ChristiePut Your Money Down1970Producent
ChristieSan Bernadino1970Producent
ChristieUntil The Dawn1970Producent
ChristieYellow River1970Producent
Danny SewellMy Name1962Producent
Dave BerryAlright Baby1967Producent
Dave BerryAlways, Always (Yesterday's Love Song)1965Musik/Text
Dave BerryAnd I Have Learned To Dream1967Producent
Dave BerryAnd The Clock In The Steeple Struck 131968Producent
Dave BerryAnn1966Producent
Dave BerryBaby It's You1964Producent
Dave BerryBaby's Gone1968Producent
Dave BerryC.C. Rider1964Producent
Dave BerryCan I Get It From You1965Producent
Dave BerryCasting My Spell1966Producent
Dave BerryDon't Gimme Me No Lip Child1964Producent
Dave BerryDon't Make Fun Of Me1964Producent
Dave BerryDying Daffodil Incident1968Producent
Dave BerryElla Speed1964Producent
Dave BerryEverybody Tries1964Producent
Dave BerryFanny Mae1966Producent
Dave BerryForever1967Producent
Dave BerryGo Home Girl1964Producent
Dave BerryGo On Home1964Producent
Dave BerryGod Bless The Child1964Producent
Dave BerryGreen Grass1966Producent
Dave BerryHeartbeat1966Producent
Dave BerryHe's With You1965Musik/Text
Dave BerryHey Little Girl1966Producent
Dave BerryHidden1966Producent
Dave BerryI Ain't Going With You Babe1967Producent
Dave BerryI Don't Want To Go On1964Producent
Dave BerryI Love You, Babe1966Producent
Dave BerryIf You Need Me1964Producent
Dave BerryIf You Wait For Love1966Producent
Dave BerryI'm Gonna Take You There1965Producent
Dave BerryIt's Gonna Be Fine1965Musik/Text
Dave BerryI've Got A Tiger By The Tail1965Producent
Dave BerryI've Got My Tears To Remind Me1966Producent
Dave BerryJust A Little Bit1964Producent
Dave BerryJust Don't Know1965Producent
Dave BerryLittle Things1965Producent
Dave BerryLove Has Gone Out Your Life1967Producent
Dave BerryMama1966Producent
Dave BerryMaybe Baby1968Producent
Dave BerryMemphis Tennessee1963Producent
Dave BerryMe-O-My-O1964Producent
Dave BerryMy Baby Left Me1966Producent
Dave BerryMy Last Date1964Producent
Dave BerryNot Fade Away1964Producent
Dave BerryNow1965Producent
Dave BerryNow And From Now On1965Musik/Text
Dave BerryOn The Other Side Of Town1964Producent
Dave BerryOne Heart Between Two1964Producent
Dave BerryPicture Me Gone1966Producent
Dave BerryRound And Round1966Producent
Dave BerryRun My Heart1966Producent
Dave BerrySame Game1965Musik/Text
Dave BerryShe Cried1968Producent
Dave BerrySince You're Gone1968Producent
Dave BerrySo Goes Love1965Producent
Dave BerrySoft Lights1967Producent
Dave BerrySt. James Infirmary1964Producent
Dave BerryStick By The Book1967Producent
Dave BerryStick To It Ivity1968Producent
Dave BerryStranger1967Producent
Dave BerrySuspicions (In Your Mind)1968Producent
Dave BerrySweet And Lovely1964Producent
Dave BerryThe Coffee Song1968Producent
Dave BerryThe Crying Game1964Producent
Dave BerryThe Girl From The Fair Isle1964Producent
Dave BerryThis Strange Effect1965Producent
Dave BerryTossin' And Turnin'1963Producent
Dave BerryWalk, Walk, Talk, Talk1965Producent
Dave BerryWe Can Live On Love1968Producent
Dave BerryWhy Don't They Understand1965Musik/Text
Dave BerryYou Made A Fool Of Me1967Producent
Dave BerryYou're Gonna Need Somebody1964Producent
Dave Berry And The CruisersHoochie Coochie Man1964Producent
Donald PeersI Don't Know1967Producent
Donald PeersI've Lost My Love1965Producent
Donald PeersPlease Don't Go1968Producent
Donald PeersSomewhere My Love (Lara's Theme From "Dr. Zhivago")1967Producent
Donald PeersTheme From "Peyton Place" (For Those Who Are Young)1967Producent
Donald PeersTurn The World Around The Other Way1967Producent
Fury's TornadoesI Would Give You Anything1974Producent
Fury's TornadoesTelstar ('74)1974Producent
Georgia BrownAs Long As He Needs Me1962Producent
Georgia BrownOom-pah-pah1962Producent
Georgia Brown, Diane GrayIt's A Fine Life1962Producent
Georgie FameA House Is Not A Home1969Producent
Georgie FameAnd I Love Her1969Producent
Georgie FameAsk Me Nice1968Producent
Georgie FameBlue Prelude1968Producent
Georgie FameBullets Laverne1968Producent
Georgie FameBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1968Producent
Georgie FameEverything Happens To Me1969Producent
Georgie FameExactly Like You1968Producent
Georgie FameFor Your Pleasure1968Producent
Georgie FameGirl Talk1969Producent
Georgie FameGuess Who I Saw Today1969Producent
Georgie FameHideaway1969Producent
Georgie FameIn The Wee Small Hours1969Producent
Georgie FameMaybe In The Spring Again1969Producent
Georgie FameMellow Yellow1968Producent
Georgie FameNeed Your Love So Bad1969Producent
Georgie FamePeaceful1969Producent
Georgie FameSide By Side1968Producent
Georgie FameSomeone To Watch Over Me1968Producent
Georgie FameSt. James Infirmary1968Producent
Georgie FameThe Ballad Of Bonnie And Clyde1967Producent
Georgie FameThis Guy's In Love With You1969Producent
Georgie FameThis Is Always1968Producent
Georgie FameWhat's New1969Producent
Georgie FameWhen I'm Sixty-Four1968Producent
Georgie FameWho's Kissing You Blues1969Producent
Georgie FameWoe Is Me1969Producent
Georgie Fame & Alan PriceBallad Of Billy Joe1971Producent
Georgie Fame & Alan PriceBlue Condition1971Producent
Georgie Fame & Alan PriceFollow Me1971Producent
Georgie Fame & Alan PriceHere And Now1971Producent
Georgie Fame & Alan PriceHome Is Where Your Heart Is1971Producent
Georgie Fame & Alan PriceI Can't Take It Much Longer1971Producent
Georgie Fame & Alan PriceJohn And Mary1971Producent
Georgie Fame & Alan PriceRosetta1971Producent
Georgie Fame & Alan PriceSergeant Jobsworth1971Producent
Georgie Fame & Alan PriceThat's How Strong My Love Is1971Producent
Georgie Fame & Alan PriceThe Dole Song1971Producent
Georgie Fame & Alan PriceTime I Moved On1971Producent
Georgie Fame & Alan PriceYellow Man1971Producent
Gilbert O'SullivanDisappear1967Producent
Gilbert O'SullivanYou1967Producent
Hope Jackman & Paul Whitsun-JonesI Shall Scream1962Producent
J. Vincent EdwardLong Live Love1970Producent
J. Vincent EdwardNow That You're Gone1970Musik/Text
J.J. BarrieTogether1979Producent
J.J. BarrieYou Can't Win 'Em All1979Producent
Jet HarrisBig Bad Bass1964Producent
Jet HarrisRifka1964Producent
Joy Marshall(There's) Always Something There1965Producent
Joy MarshallA Hard Day's Night1965Producent
Joy MarshallA House Is Not A Home1965Producent
Joy MarshallAnyone Who Had A Heart1965Producent
Joy MarshallDowntown1965Producent
Joy MarshallHeartache Hurry On By1965Producent
Joy MarshallHe's For Me1965Producent
Joy MarshallHouse Of The Rising Sun1965Producent
Joy MarshallI'm Into Something Good1965Producent
Joy MarshallMy Guy1965Producent
Joy MarshallMy Love Come Home1965Producent
Joy MarshallTell Me When1965Producent
Joy MarshallThe Girl From Ipanema1965Producent
Joy MarshallWalk Away1965Producent
Joy MarshallWhen A Girl Really Loves You1965Producent
Joy MarshallWhere Did Our Love Go1965Producent
Joy MarshallWho Can I Turn To1965Producent
Joy MarshallWorld Without Love1965Producent
Juan & JuniorLo que el viento se llevó1968Producent
Juan & JuniorNothing1967Producent
Juan & JuniorThe Chase1967Producent
Juan & JuniorTus ojos1968Producent
Karen Young [UK]We'll Start The Party Again1965Producent
Keith HamshereFood, Glorious Food1962Producent
Keith HamshereWhere Is Love?1962Producent
Keith HamshereWho Will You Buy1962Producent
Ken DoddIf My Heart Was A Ship (On The Ocean)1962Producent
Ken DoddMy Song To You1974Producent
Ken DoddPianissimo1962Producent
Ken DoddUnless1974Producent
Kim DCome On Baby1965Musik/Text
Love TogetherBlackjack1974Producent
Love TogetherRound Ev'ry Corner1974Producent
Martin Horsey, Georgia Brown, Keith Hamshere, Diane Gray, Ron MoodyI'd Do Anything1962Producent
Martin Horsey, Keith HamshereConsider Yourself1962Producent
Maynard FergusonAwright, Awright1973Producent
Maynard FergusonLove Theme From "The Valachi Papers"1973Producent
Maynard FergusonMother Fingers1973Producent
Maynard FergusonNice 'N Juicy1973Producent
Maynard FergusonPocahontas1973Producent
Maynard FergusonRound Midnight1973Producent
Maynard FergusonS.O.M.F.1973Producent
MudFlower Power1967Producent
MudLatter Days1968Producent
MudUp The Airy Mountain1968Producent
MudYou're My Mother1967Producent
Neil LancasterIs There Anybody There1974Producent
Neil LancasterLu Le La1974Producent
New WorldHomemade Sunshine1976Producent
Nobby ClarkDoes It Rain (When You Get Lonely)1977Producent
Nobby ClarkLife's Long Highway1978Musik/Text
Nobby ClarkLove Will Save The Day1977Producent
Nobby ClarkShake It Down1978Musik/Text
Nobby ClarkSteady Love1977Producent
Paul Whitsun-JonesBoy For Sale1962Producent
Paul Whitsun-Jones, Hope Jackman, Keith HamshereOliver!1962Producent
Ramases & SelketCrazy One1968Producent
Ray King Soul BandKnock On Wood1968Producent
Rolf HarrisBack To W.A.1978Producent
Rolf HarrisBlack Midnight Swamp1975Producent
Rolf HarrisHappy Birthday, Father Christmas1975Producent
Rolf HarrisLazy Day1973Producent
Rolf HarrisLittle Pal1974Producent
Rolf HarrisOld Man Emu1978Producent
Rolf HarrisPapillon1974Producent
Rolf HarrisPresbyterian Church1975Producent
Rolf HarrisSeth Davey (Whiskey On A Sunday)1979Producent
Rolf HarrisYarrabangee1976Producent
Ron MoodyReviewing The Situation1962Producent
Ron Moody, Keith HamshereYou've Got To Pick A Pocket Or Two1962Producent
Ron Moody, Martin Horsey, Keith HamshereBe Back Soon1962Producent
Ronnie JonesI Need Your Loving1964Producent
Ronnie JonesIt's All Over1964Producent
Ronnie JonesLet's Pin A Rose On You1964Producent
Ronnie JonesLittle Bitty Pretty One1967Producent
Ronnie JonesMy Love1964Producent
Ronnie JonesPut Your Tears Away1967Producent
Ronnie JonesWithout Love (There Is Nothing)1967Producent
Sydney ElliottCalypso Woman1971Producent
Sydney ElliottLittle Boy Blue1971Producent
Tammy JonesBut At Night1970Producent
Tammy JonesI'm Still Looking For The Right One1970Producent
Tangerine PeelLight Across The River1968Producent
Tangerine PeelSolid Gold Mountain1968Producent
The Applejacks [UK]Aint That Just Like Me1964Producent
The Applejacks [UK]As A Matter Of Fact1964Producent
The Applejacks [UK]Baby Jane1964Producent
The Applejacks [UK]Bye Bye Girl1965Producent
The Applejacks [UK]Hello Josephine1964Producent
The Applejacks [UK]I Wonder1964Producent
The Applejacks [UK]It's Not A Game Anymore1964Producent
The Applejacks [UK]Kansas City1964Producent
The Applejacks [UK]Like Dreamers Do1964Producent
The Applejacks [UK]Memories Of You1964Producent
The Applejacks [UK]No Time1964Producent
The Applejacks [UK]Over Suzanne1964Producent
The Applejacks [UK]See If She Cares1964Producent
The Applejacks [UK]Tell Me When1964Producent
The Applejacks [UK]Three Little Words (I Love You)1964Producent
The Applejacks [UK]Too Much Monkey Business1964Producent
The Applejacks [UK]What'd I Say1964Producent
The Applejacks [UK]Whats The Matter Little Girl1964Producent
The Applejacks [UK]Wishing Will Never Make It So1964Producent
The Applejacks [UK]You're The One For Me1964Producent
The BeatlesBésame mucho1961Producent
The BeatlesCrying, Waiting, Hoping1961Producent
The BeatlesHello Little Girl1979Producent
The BeatlesLike Dreamers Do1979Producent
The BeatlesLove Of The Loved1979Producent
The BeatlesMemphis, Tennessee1961Producent
The BeatlesMoney (That's What I Want)1962Producent
The BeatlesSearchin'1961Producent
The BeatlesSeptember In The Rain1961Producent
The BeatlesSure To Fall (In Love With You)1961Producent
The BeatlesSweet Little Sixteen1962Producent
The BeatlesTake Good Care Of My Baby1961Producent
The BeatlesThe Sheik Of Araby1961Producent
The BeatlesThree Cool Cats1961Producent
The BeatlesTill There Was You1962Producent
The BeatlesTo Know Her Is To Love Her1961Producent
The Dave Clark FiveChaquita1962Musik/Text
The Love Affair60 Minutes (Of Your Love)1968Producent
The Love AffairA Day Without Love1968Producent
The Love AffairAccept Me For What I Am1969Producent
The Love AffairAnother Day1969Producent
The Love AffairBaby I Know1969Producent
The Love AffairBad Girl1970Producent
The Love AffairBringing On Back The Good Times1969Producent
The Love AffairBuild On Love1968Producent
The Love AffairCould I Be Dreaming1968Producent
The Love AffairEverlasting Love1967Producent
The Love AffairGee's Whizz1970Producent
The Love AffairGone Are The Songs Of Yesterday1967Producent
The Love AffairGoodbye Brother, Farewell Friend1970Producent
The Love AffairGypsy1970Producent
The Love AffairHandbags And Gladrags1968Producent
The Love AffairHurt By Love1970Producent
The Love AffairHush1968Producent
The Love AffairI'm Happy1968Producent
The Love AffairLet Me Know1969Producent
The Love AffairLincoln County1970Producent
The Love AffairNew Day1970Producent
The Love AffairNine To Five1970Producent
The Love AffairOnce Upon A Season1968Producent
The Love AffairOne Road1969Producent
The Love AffairPlease Stay1968Producent
The Love AffairRainbow Valley1967Producent
The Love AffairSea Of Tranquility1970Producent
The Love AffairSo Sorry1968Producent
The Love AffairSomeone Like Me1968Producent
The Love AffairSpeak Of Peace, Sing Of Joy1970Producent
The Love AffairTale Of Two Bitters1968Musik/Text
The Love AffairThank You Bean1970Producent
The Love AffairThe First Cut Is The Deepest1968Producent
The Love AffairThe Tree1968Producent
The Love AffairTobacco Road1968Producent
The Love AffairWalking Down The Road1970Producent
The Marmalade(Take A Little) Piece Of My Heart1968Producent
The MarmaladeBaby Make It Soon1969Producent
The MarmaladeButterfly1969Producent
The MarmaladeCan't Stop Now1967Producent
The MarmaladeChains1968Producent
The MarmaladeCry (The Shoob Doroorie Song)1967Producent
The MarmaladeHey Joe1968Producent
The MarmaladeI See The Rain1967Producent
The MarmaladeI Shall Be Released1968Producent
The MarmaladeIt's All Leading Up To Saturday Night1966Producent
The MarmaladeLaughing Man1967Producent
The MarmaladeLovin' Things1968Producent
The MarmaladeMan In A Shop1967Producent
The MarmaladeMess Around1968Producent
The MarmaladeMr Lion1968Producent
The MarmaladeMr. Tambourine Man1968Producent
The MarmaladeOb-La-Di Ob-La-Da1968Producent
The MarmaladeStation On Third Avenue1968Producent
The MarmaladeSummer In The City1968Producent
The MarmaladeThere Ain't No Use In Hanging On1967Producent
The MarmaladeTime Is On My Side1969Producent
The MarmaladeWait A Minute Baby1966Producent
The MarmaladeWait For Me Mary-Anne1968Producent
The Tremeloes(Call Me) Number One1969Producent
The TremeloesAin't Nothin' But A Houseparty1968Producent
The TremeloesAll The World To Me1968Producent
The TremeloesAngel Of The Morning1969Producent
The TremeloesAs You Are1967Producent
The TremeloesBe Mine1967Musik/Text
The TremeloesBlessed1966Producent
The TremeloesBreakheart Motel1970Producent
The TremeloesBy The Way1970Producent
The TremeloesCome On Home1967Producent
The TremeloesCool Jerk1967Producent
The TremeloesEven The Bad Times Are Good1967Producent
The TremeloesEveryday1968Producent
The TremeloesFa La La, La La, La Le1969Producent
The TremeloesGames People Play1969Producent
The TremeloesGentlemen Of Pleasure1966Producent
The TremeloesGirl From Nowhere1968Producent
The TremeloesGood Day Sunshine1966Producent
The TremeloesGood Times1969Producent
The TremeloesHands Off1972Producent
The TremeloesHappy Song1967Producent
The TremeloesHelule Helule1968Producent
The TremeloesHere Comes My Baby1967Producent
The TremeloesI'll See You There1968Producent
The TremeloesI'm Gonna Try1968Producent
The TremeloesI'm With You All The Way1967Musik/Text
The TremeloesInstant Whip1969Producent
The TremeloesJenny's Alright1967Producent
The TremeloesLet Your Hair Hang Down1967Producent
The TremeloesLoving You Is Sweeter Than Ever1967Producent
The TremeloesMe And My Life1970Producent
The TremeloesMy Little Lady1968Producent
The TremeloesMy Town1967Producent
The TremeloesNegotiations In Soho Square1967Producent
The TremeloesNorman Stanley James St. Claire1967Producent
The TremeloesOnce On A Sunday Morning1969Producent
The TremeloesPeggy Sue1968Producent
The TremeloesProud Mary1969Producent
The TremeloesReach Out, I'll Be There1968Producent
The TremeloesRound And Round1967Producent
The TremeloesRun Baby Run (Back Into My Arms)1967Producent
The TremeloesRunning Out1967Producent
The TremeloesShake Hands (And Come Out Crying)1967Producent
The TremeloesSilence Is Golden1967Producent
The TremeloesSing Sorta Swingle1967Producent
The TremeloesSuddenly Winter1967Producent
The TremeloesSuddenly You Love Me1967Producent
The TremeloesSunshine Games1967Producent
The TremeloesThe Lion Sleeps Tonight1968Producent
The TremeloesThe Right Time1966Producent
The TremeloesToo Many Fish In The Sea1967Producent
The TremeloesTravelling Circus1968Producent
The TremeloesTry Me1970Producent
The TremeloesWhat A State I'm In1966Musik/Text
The TremeloesWhen I'm With Her1967Producent
The TremeloesWillie & The Hand Jive1968Producent
The TremeloesYellow River1970Producent
The TremeloesYou1967Producent
Tommy SteeleHe's Got Love1962Producent
Everlasting Love (The Love Affair)1394.95
Butterfly (The Marmalade)74.86
A Day Without Love (The Love Affair)244.79
Silence Is Golden (The Tremeloes)1384.76
Bringing On Back The Good Times (The Love Affair)214.71
The Lion Sleeps Tonight (The Tremeloes)74.71
Because Of Love (Billy Fury)74.71
Yellow River (Christie)1614.71
Here Comes My Baby (The Tremeloes)684.71
Lovin' Things (The Marmalade)184.61
One Road (The Love Affair)254.6
Until The Dawn (Christie)54.6
Handbags And Gladrags (The Love Affair)54.6
Wait For Me Mary-Anne (The Marmalade)124.58
My Little Lady (The Tremeloes)1164.56
Money (That's What I Want) (The Beatles)384.5
Rainbow Valley (The Love Affair)304.5
Last Night Was Made For Love (Billy Fury)124.5
I'd Never Find Another You (Billy Fury)124.5
Inside Looking Out (Christie)84.5
Yellow River (Christie)1614.71
Everlasting Love (The Love Affair)1394.95
Silence Is Golden (The Tremeloes)1384.76
My Little Lady (The Tremeloes)1164.56
San Bernadino (Christie)1074.46
The Ballad Of Bonnie And Clyde (Georgie Fame)844.11
(Call Me) Number One (The Tremeloes)803.91
Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da (The Marmalade)793.7
Here Comes My Baby (The Tremeloes)684.71
Rosetta (Georgie Fame & Alan Price)544.11
Me And My Life (The Tremeloes)504.12
Even The Bad Times Are Good (The Tremeloes)454.2
Till There Was You (The Beatles)404.32
Money (That's What I Want) (The Beatles)384.5
Do You Love Me (Brian Poole And The Tremeloes)374.43
Suddenly You Love Me (The Tremeloes)314.06
Rainbow Valley (The Love Affair)304.5
This Strange Effect (Dave Berry)294.17
Little Things (Dave Berry)284.14
The Crying Game (Dave Berry)274.22

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