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Pseudonyme / Alternative Schreibweisen: Richard Podolar, Richie Podolor
20/20A Girl Like You1981Producent
20/20American Dream1981Producent
20/20Beat City1981Producent
20/20Life In The U.S.A.1981Producent
20/20Mobile Unit 2451981Producent
20/20Nuclear Boy1981Producent
20/20Out Of My Head1981Producent
20/20Strange Side Of Love1981Producent
20/20The Night I Heard A Scream1981Producent
AlcatrazzBlue Boar1986Producent
(Richie Podolor)
AlcatrazzDangerous Games1986Producent
(Richie Podolor)
AlcatrazzDouble Man1986Producent
(Richie Podolor)
AlcatrazzIt's My Life1986Producent
(Richie Podolor)
AlcatrazzNight Of The Shooting Star1986Producent
(Richie Podolor)
AlcatrazzNo Imagination1986Producent
(Richie Podolor)
AlcatrazzOhayo Tokyo1986Producent
(Richie Podolor)
AlcatrazzOnly One Woman1986Producent
(Richie Podolor)
AlcatrazzThat Ain't Nothin'1986Producent
(Richie Podolor)
AlcatrazzThe Witchwood1986Producent
(Richie Podolor)
(Richie Podolor)
Alice CooperDon't Talk Old To Me1981Producent
Alice CooperGeneration Landslide '811981Producent
Alice CooperPrettiest Cop On The Block1981Producent
Alice CooperSeven And Seven Is...1981Producent
Alice CooperSkeleton In The Closet1981Producent
Alice CooperVicious Rumours1981Producent
Alice CooperWho Do You Think We Are1981Producent
Alice CooperYou Look Good In Rags1981Producent
Alice CooperYou Want It, You Got It1981Producent
Alice CooperYou're A Movie1981Producent
Bev BevanLet There Be Drums1999Musik/Text
Black Oak ArkansasAce In The Hole1975Producent
Black Oak ArkansasBack Door Man1975Producent
Black Oak ArkansasBump 'N' Grind1975Producent
Black Oak ArkansasCryin' Shame1975Producent
Black Oak ArkansasDiggin' For Gold1975Producent
Black Oak ArkansasFancy Nancy1975Producent
Black Oak ArkansasFightin' Cock1975Producent
Black Oak ArkansasFlesh Needs Flesh1975Producent
Black Oak ArkansasGood Stuff1975Producent
Black Oak ArkansasHigh Flyer1975Producent
Black Oak ArkansasHighway Pirate1975Producent
Black Oak ArkansasKeep On1975Producent
Black Oak ArkansasLet Life Be Good To You1975Producent
Black Oak ArkansasLove Can Be Found1975Producent
Black Oak ArkansasRebel1975Producent
Black Oak ArkansasStrong Enough To Be Gentle1975Producent
Black Oak ArkansasTaxman1975Producent
Black Oak ArkansasToo Hot To Stop1975Producent
Black Oak ArkansasWild Men From The Mountains1975Producent
DalidaPlus loin que la terre1961Musik/Text
Eddie BeramRiot In Thunder Alley2007Musik/Text
(Richie Podolor)
Head EastBack In My Own Hands1977Producent
Head EastCall To Arms And Legs1977Producent
Head EastDancer Road1977Producent
Head EastDon't Let Me Sleep In The Morning1977Producent
Head EastEvery Little Bit Of My Heart1977Producent
Head EastGettin' Lucky1977Producent
Head EastSands Of Time1977Producent
Head EastShow Me I'm Alive1977Producent
Head EastTake It On Home1977Producent
Head EastTime Has A Way1977Producent
Iron ButterflyBest Years Of Our Lives1970Producent
Iron ButterflyButterfly Bleu1970Producent
Iron ButterflyEasy Rider (Let The Wind Pay The Way)1970Producent
Iron ButterflyFree Flight1970Producent
Iron ButterflyNew Day1970Producent
Iron ButterflyShady Lady1970Producent
Iron ButterflySilly Sally1971Producent
Iron ButterflySlower Than The Guns1970Producent
Iron ButterflySoldier In Our Town1970Producent
Iron ButterflyStone Believer1970Producent
John KayBold Marauder1972Producent
John KayDance To My Song1973Producent
John KayDrift Away1973Producent
John KayEasy Evil1973Producent
John KayGiles Of The River1973Producent
John KayHeroes And Devils1973Producent
John KayI'm Movin' On1972Producent
John KayMany A Mile1972Producent
John KayMoonshine (Friend Of Mine)1973Producent
John KayMy Sportin' Life1973Producent
John KayNobody Lives Here Anymore1973Producent
John KaySing With The Children1973Producent
John KaySomebody1972Producent
John KayTo Be Alive1972Producent
John KayTwo Of A Kind1972Producent
John KayWalk Beside Me1972Producent
John KayWalkin' Blues1972Producent
John KayYou Win Again1972Producent
John Kay & SteppenwolfAin't Nothin' Like It Used To Be1984Producent
(Richard Podolar)
John Kay & SteppenwolfAll I Want Is All You Got1982Producent
John Kay & SteppenwolfCircle Of Confusion1984Producent
(Richard Podolar)
John Kay & SteppenwolfNothing Is Forever1984Producent
(Richard Podolar)
John Kay & SteppenwolfOnly The Strong Survive1984Producent
(Richard Podolar)
John Kay & SteppenwolfSlender Thread Of Hope1984Producent
(Richard Podolar)
John Kay & SteppenwolfTell Me It's Alright1984Producent
(Richard Podolar)
John Kay & SteppenwolfThe Fixer1984Producent
(Richard Podolar)
John Kay & SteppenwolfWatch Your Innocence1984Producent
(Richard Podolar)
John Kay & SteppenwolfYou're The Only One1984Producent
(Richard Podolar)
LondonBeen Around Before1990Producent
LondonHeart Beat (It's All Right)1990Producent
LondonHot Child In The City1990Producent
LondonIt's So Easy1990Producent
LondonLove Games1990Producent
LondonMiss You1990Producent
LondonMoney Honey1990Producent
LondonRide You Through The Night1990Producent
LondonRussian Winter1990Producent
LondonThe Wall (13-61)1990Producent
Phil SeymourBaby It's You1980Producent
Phil SeymourPrecious To Me1980Producent
Randy BellDon't Do Me1984Producent
Randy BellSomeone's Fantasy1984Producent
Richie AllenRedskin1960Musik/Text
Richie AllenStranger From Durango1960Musik/Text
RubiconAmerica Dreams1979Producent
RubiconAnd The Moon's Out Tonight1978Producent
RubiconDr. Spears1979Producent
RubiconEyes Of Mary1979Producent
RubiconFar Away1978Producent
RubiconGimme Some Loving1979Producent
RubiconHigher And Higher1979Producent
RubiconHungry For Your Love1979Producent
RubiconI Want To Love You1978Producent
RubiconI'm Gonna Take Care Of Everything1978Producent
RubiconIt's All For The Show1978Producent
RubiconLet Yourself Go1979Producent
RubiconLove Is On The Run1979Producent
RubiconThat's The Way Things Are1978Producent
RubiconToo Good To Take For Granted1979Producent
RubiconVanilla Gorilla1978Producent
RubiconWashington "73"1979Producent
Sandy Nelson...And Then There Were Drums1959Musik/Text
Sandy NelsonLet There Be Drums1961Musik/Text
Sandy NelsonQuite A Beat1961Musik/Text
SteppenwolfBall Crusher1970Producent
(Richard Podolar)
SteppenwolfBlack Pit1971Producent
(Richard Podolar)
(Richard Podolar)
SteppenwolfFat Jack1970Producent
(Richard Podolar)
SteppenwolfFoggy Mental Breakdown1970Producent
(Richard Podolar)
SteppenwolfFor Ladies Only1971Producent
(Richard Podolar)
SteppenwolfForty Days And Forty Nights1970Producent
(Richard Podolar)
SteppenwolfHippo Stomp1970Producent
(Richard Podolar)
SteppenwolfI'm Asking1971Producent
(Richard Podolar)
SteppenwolfIn Hopes Of A Garden1971Producent
(Richard Podolar)
SteppenwolfJaded Strumpet1971Producent
(Richard Podolar)
(Richard Podolar)
SteppenwolfRide With Me1971Producent
(Richard Podolar)
SteppenwolfScreaming Night Hog1970Producent
(Richard Podolar)
SteppenwolfShackles And Chains1971Producent
(Richard Podolar)
SteppenwolfSnow Blind Friend1970Producent
(Richard Podolar)
SteppenwolfSparkle Eyes1971Producent
(Richard Podolar)
(Richard Podolar)
SteppenwolfThe Night Time's For You1971Producent
(Richard Podolar)
SteppenwolfWho Needs Ya1970Producent
(Richard Podolar)
The DillardsIt's About Time1971Producent
The DillardsOne A.M.1971Producent
The Grass RootsYou Might As Well Go My Way1968Musik/Text
The HondellsBlack Boots And Bikes1964Musik/Text
(Richie Podolor)
The Incredible Bongo BandLet There Be Drums1973Musik/Text
The Souther, Hillman, Furay BandBelieve Me1974Producent
The Souther, Hillman, Furay BandBorder Town1974Producent
The Souther, Hillman, Furay BandDeep, Dark And Dreamless1974Producent
The Souther, Hillman, Furay BandFallin' In Love1974Producent
The Souther, Hillman, Furay BandHeavenly Fire1974Producent
The Souther, Hillman, Furay BandPretty Goodbyes1974Producent
The Souther, Hillman, Furay BandRise And Fall1974Producent
The Souther, Hillman, Furay BandSafe At Home1974Producent
The Souther, Hillman, Furay BandThe Flight Of The Dove1974Producent
The Souther, Hillman, Furay BandThe Heartbreaker1974Producent
The SurfarisBeat '651964Musik/Text
The VenturesLet There Be Drums1962Musik/Text
Three Dog NightAn Old Fashioned Love Song1971Producent
Three Dog NightBlack & White1972Producent
Three Dog NightCan't Get Enough Of It1970Producent
Three Dog NightChained1972Producent
Three Dog NightCowboy1970Producent
Three Dog NightFire Eater1970Producent
Three Dog NightFreedom For The Stallion1972Producent
Three Dog NightGoing In Circles1972Producent
Three Dog NightGood Feeling1970Producent
Three Dog NightGood Time Living1970Producent
Three Dog NightHappy Song1973Producent
Three Dog NightHeavy Church1970Producent
Three Dog NightI Can Hear You Calling1970Producent
Three Dog NightI Can't Help It1983Producent
Three Dog NightI'll Be Creeping1970Producent
Three Dog NightIn Bed1972Producent
Three Dog NightInto My Life1973Producent
Three Dog NightIt Ain't Easy1970Producent
Three Dog NightIt's A Jungle Out There1983Producent
Three Dog NightI've Got Enough Heartache1970Producent
Three Dog NightJam1971Producent
Three Dog NightJoy To The World1970Producent
Three Dog NightLay Me Down Easy1973Producent
Three Dog NightLet Me Serenade You1973Producent
Three Dog NightLiar1970Producent
Three Dog NightLivin' It Up1983Producent
Three Dog NightMama Told Me (Not To Come)1970Producent
Three Dog NightMidnight Runaway1972Producent
Three Dog NightMistakes And Illusions/Peace Of Mind1971Producent
Three Dog NightMurder In My Heart For The Judge1971Producent
Three Dog NightMy Impersonal Life1971Producent
Three Dog NightMy Old Kentucky Home (Turpentine And Dandelion Wine)1972Producent
Three Dog NightNever Been To Spain1971Producent
Three Dog NightNever Dreamed You'd Leave In Summer1971Producent
Three Dog NightNight In The City1971Producent
Three Dog NightOne Man Band1970Producent
Three Dog NightOur "B" Side1973Producent
Three Dog NightOut In The Country1970Producent
Three Dog NightPieces Of April1972Producent
Three Dog NightPlay Children Play1973Producent
Three Dog NightPlay Something Sweet (Brickyard Blues)1974Producent
Three Dog NightPrelude To Morning1972Producent
Three Dog NightRidin' Thumb1973Producent
Three Dog NightRock And Roll Widow1970Producent
Three Dog NightShambala1973Producent
Three Dog NightShot In The Dark1983Producent
Three Dog NightSinger Man1973Producent
Three Dog NightSomebody's Gonna Get Hurt1983Producent
Three Dog NightStorybook Feeling1973Producent
Three Dog NightSunlight1970Producent
Three Dog NightThe Family Of Man1971Producent
Three Dog NightThe Show Must Go On1974Producent
Three Dog NightThe Writing On The Wall1972Producent
Three Dog NightTulsa Turnaround1972Producent
Three Dog NightWoman1970Producent
Three Dog NightYou1971Producent
Three Dog NightYour Song1970Producent
Tenderness (Steppenwolf)95
Snow Blind Friend (Steppenwolf)124.92
...And Then There Were Drums (Sandy Nelson)74.86
For Ladies Only (Steppenwolf)154.73
Out In The Country (Three Dog Night)114.73
Shambala (Three Dog Night)234.7
Riot In Thunder Alley (Eddie Beram)64.67
Mama Told Me (Not To Come) (Three Dog Night)514.61
An Old Fashioned Love Song (Three Dog Night)154.6
Play Something Sweet (Brickyard Blues) (Three Dog Night)54.6
Ride With Me (Steppenwolf)174.59
Pieces Of April (Three Dog Night)74.57
Joy To The World (Three Dog Night)594.56
Precious To Me (Phil Seymour)94.56
Let There Be Drums (The Incredible Bongo Band)64.5
Black & White (Three Dog Night)284.46
The Night Time's For You (Steppenwolf)54.4
Let Me Serenade You (Three Dog Night)54.4
Let There Be Drums (Sandy Nelson)264.38
Who Needs Ya (Steppenwolf)74.29
Joy To The World (Three Dog Night)594.56
Mama Told Me (Not To Come) (Three Dog Night)514.61
Black & White (Three Dog Night)284.46
Let There Be Drums (Sandy Nelson)264.38
The Show Must Go On (Three Dog Night)254.08
Shambala (Three Dog Night)234.7
Never Been To Spain (Three Dog Night)194.16
Easy Rider (Let The Wind Pay The Way) (Iron Butterfly)184.22
Ride With Me (Steppenwolf)174.59
Liar (Three Dog Night)174.18
For Ladies Only (Steppenwolf)154.73
An Old Fashioned Love Song (Three Dog Night)154.6
Snow Blind Friend (Steppenwolf)124.92
Out In The Country (Three Dog Night)114.73
Screaming Night Hog (Steppenwolf)114.09
Tenderness (Steppenwolf)95
Precious To Me (Phil Seymour)94.56
...And Then There Were Drums (Sandy Nelson)74.86
Pieces Of April (Three Dog Night)74.57
Who Needs Ya (Steppenwolf)74.29

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