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Alice CooperAspirin Damage1980Producent
Alice CooperClones (We're All)1980Producent
Alice CooperDance Yourself To Death1980Producent
Alice CooperGrim Facts1980Producent
Alice CooperHeadlines1980Producent
Alice CooperLeather Boots1980Producent
Alice CooperModel Citizen1980Producent
Alice CooperNuclear Infected1980Producent
Alice CooperPain1980Producent
Alice CooperTalk Talk1980Producent
Andy TaylorAngel Eyes1986Producent
Andy TaylorTake It Easy1986Producent
Be-Bop DeluxeBetween The Worlds1975Producent
Be-Bop DeluxeJean Cocteau1975Producent
Be-Bop DeluxeLove With The Madman1975Producent
Be-Bop DeluxeMaid In Heaven1975Producent
Be-Bop DeluxeMusic In Dreamland1975Producent
Be-Bop DeluxeSister Seagull1975Producent
Be-Bop DeluxeSound Track1975Producent
Be-Bop DeluxeStage Whispers1975Producent
Be-Bop DeluxeSwan Song1975Producent
Cheap TrickAll I Really Want To Do1982Producent
Cheap TrickFour Letter Word1982Producent
Cheap TrickI Want Be Man1982Producent
Cheap TrickI Want You1982Producent
Cheap TrickIf You Want My Love1982Producent
Cheap TrickLookin' Out For Number One1982Producent
Cheap TrickLove's Got A Hold On Me1982Producent
Cheap TrickOne On One1982Producent
Cheap TrickOo La La La1982Producent
Cheap TrickSaturday At Midnight1982Producent
Cheap TrickShe's Tight1982Producent
Cheap TrickTime Is Runnin'1982Producent
Chris De BurghDiamond In The Dark1989Producent
Chris De BurghThis Waiting Heart1989Producent
Dangerous ToysAngel N U1991Producent
Dangerous ToysBad Guy1991Producent
Dangerous ToysBest Of Friends1991Producent
Dangerous ToysFeel Like Makin' Love1991Producent
Dangerous ToysGimme' No Lip1991Producent
Dangerous ToysGunfighter1991Producent
Dangerous ToysGypsy (Black-N-Blue Valentine)1991Producent
Dangerous ToysLine 'Em Up1991Producent
Dangerous ToysOn Top1991Producent
Dangerous ToysSticks & Stones1991Producent
Dangerous ToysSugar, Leather & The Nail1991Producent
DevoBig Mess1982Producent
DevoDeep Sleep1982Producent
DevoFind Out1982Producent
DevoOut Of Sync1982Producent
DevoSpeed Racer1982Producent
DevoThat's Good1982Producent
DevoTime Out For Fun1982Producent
DevoWhat I Must Do1982Producent
Dusty SpringfieldA Love Like Yours (Don't Come Knocking Everyday)1978Producent
Dusty SpringfieldCheckmate1978Producent
Dusty SpringfieldHollywood Movie Girls1978Producent
Dusty SpringfieldI Found Love With You1978Producent
Dusty SpringfieldI'd Rather Leave While I'm In Love1978Producent
Dusty SpringfieldLove Me By Name1978Producent
Dusty SpringfieldSandra1978Producent
Dusty SpringfieldThat's The Kind Of Love I Got For You1978Producent
Dusty SpringfieldTurn Me Around1978Producent
EspionageFreedom And Miracles1983Producent
EspionageLiving Under Rocks1983Producent
EspionageOne Of A Kind1983Producent
EspionageThe Sound Of Breaking Hearts1983Producent
EspionageYour Love's For Sale1983Producent
ForeignerBlinded By Science1979Producent
ForeignerDirty White Boy1979Producent
ForeignerDo What You Like1979Producent
ForeignerHead Games1979Producent
ForeignerI'll Get Even With You1979Producent
ForeignerLove On The Telephone1979Producent
ForeignerRev On The Red Line1979Producent
ForeignerThe Modern Day1979Producent
Gasolin'Cellophane Brain1976Producent
Gasolin'Fatherless Hill1976Producent
Gasolin'It's All The Same To An American Dane1976Producent
Gasolin'Lady Oh Lady1976Producent
Gasolin'Lonesome Avenue1976Producent
Gasolin'Lots Of Succes1976Producent
Gasolin'Lucky Linda1974Producent
Gasolin'Rebel Run1976Producent
Gasolin'Sad Song Of The Bluebird1976Producent
Gasolin'The Cat1974Producent
Gasolin'The Last Jim1976Producent
Gasolin'What A Lemon1976Producent
Gasolin'Where Do We Go Now, Mon Ami1978Producent
HawkwindGoat Willow1974Producent
HawkwindHall Of The Mountain Grill1974Producent
HawkwindLost Johnny1974Producent
HawkwindThe Psychedelic Warlords (Disappear In Smoke)1974Producent
HawkwindWeb Weaver1974Producent
HawkwindWind Of Change1974Producent
HawkwindYou'd Better Believe It1974Producent
Ian Hunter(Miss) Silver Dime1977Producent
Ian HunterBroadway1977Producent
Ian HunterGolden Opportunity1977Producent
Ian HunterOvernight Angels1977Producent
Ian HunterShallow Crystals1977Producent
Ian HunterTo Love A Woman1977Producent
Ian HunterWild 'N' Free1977Producent
Ian Hunter's Overnight AngelsJustice Of The Peace1977Producent
Ian Hunter's Overnight AngelsThe Ballad Of Little Star1977Producent
Jon Anderson2,000 Years1985Producent
Jon AndersonDay Of Days1985Producent
Jon AndersonDing Dong Merrily On High1985Producent
Jon AndersonEasier Said Than Done1985Producent
Jon AndersonForest Of Fire1985Producent
Jon AndersonHow It Hits You1985Producent
Jon AndersonJingle Bells1985Producent
Jon AndersonOh Holy Night1985Producent
Jon AndersonSave All Your Love1985Producent
Jon AndersonThe Holly And The Ivy1985Producent
Jon AndersonThree Ships1985Producent
Jon AndersonWhere Were You?1985Producent
Josie CottonCome With Me1984Producent
Josie CottonGina1984Producent
Josie CottonJimmy Loves Maryann1984Producent
Josie CottonLicense To Dance1984Producent
Josie CottonLife After Love1984Producent
Josie CottonNo Use Crying1984Producent
Josie CottonSchool Is In1984Producent
Josie CottonStop Me1984Producent
Josie CottonStraight Talk1984Producent
Josie CottonWay Out West1984Producent
JourneyCan Do1977Producent
JourneyCity Of The Angels1979Producent
JourneyDo You Recall1979Producent
JourneyFeeling That Way1977Producent
JourneyJust The Same Way1979Producent
JourneyLa Do Da1977Producent
JourneyLady Luck1979Producent
JourneyLovin' You Is Easy1979Producent
JourneyLovin', Touchin', Squeezin'1979Producent
JourneyOpened The Door1977Producent
JourneySomethin' To Hide1977Producent
JourneySweet And Simple1979Producent
JourneyToo Late1979Producent
JourneyWheel In The Sky1977Producent
JourneyWhen You're Alone (It Ain't Easy)1979Producent
JourneyWinds Of March1977Producent
LindisfarneNobody Loves You Anymore1973Producent
LindisfarneTow The Line1973Producent
Lone StarA Million Stars1976Producent
Lone StarA New Day1976Producent
Lone StarFlying In The Reel1976Producent
Lone StarIllusions1976Producent
Lone StarLonely Soldier1976Producent
Lone StarShe Said, She Said1976Producent
Lone StarSpaceships1976Producent
ManCalifornia Silks and Satins1974Producent
ManFour Day Louise1974Producent
ManScotch Corner1974Producent
ManTaking The Easy Way Out Again1974Producent
ManThe Thunder And Lightning Kid1974Producent
Mozart [US]Fortress Around Your Heart1995Producent
Mozart [US]Get A Kick Out Of You1995Producent
Mozart [US]Great Expectations1995Producent
Mozart [US]Hope And Glory1995Producent
Mozart [US]I Fly1995Producent
Mozart [US]Japan Is Calling1995Producent
Mozart [US]Romance O' Blu1995Producent
Mozart [US]Seashells1995Producent
Mozart [US]Speed Train1995Producent
Mozart [US]Static (D.J.)1995Producent
Mozart [US]The Shoe1995Producent
Mozart [US]The Young Man Years1995Producent
Mozart [US]Three Strikes Again1995Producent
Nazareth1692 (Glencoe Massacre)1972Producent
NazarethCalled Her Name1972Producent
NazarethCat's Eye, Apple Pie1972Producent
NazarethFool About You1972Producent
NazarethHard Living1972Producent
NazarethI Will Not Be Led1972Producent
NazarethIn My Time1972Producent
NazarethLove, Now You're Gone1972Producent
NazarethSad Song1972Producent
NazarethSpinning Top1972Producent
NazarethWoke Up This Morning1972Producent
Ozzy OsbourneBloodbath In Paradise1988Producent
Ozzy OsbourneBreakin' All The Rules1988Producent
Ozzy OsbourneCrazy Babies1988Producent
Ozzy OsbourneDemon Alcohol1988Producent
Ozzy OsbourneDevil's Daughter (Holy War)1988Producent
Ozzy OsbourneFire In The Sky1988Producent
Ozzy OsbourneHero1988Producent
Ozzy OsbourneMiracle Man1988Producent
Ozzy OsbourneTattooed Dancer1988Producent
Peter StrakerAda1977Producent
Peter StrakerAlabama Song1977Producent
Peter StrakerHeart Be Still1977Producent
Peter StrakerI've Been To Hell And Back1977Producent
Peter StrakerJackie1977Producent
Peter StrakerRagtime Piano Joe1977Producent
Peter StrakerThe Annual Penguin Show1977Producent
Peter StrakerThe Day The Talkies Came1977Producent
Peter StrakerThe Saddest Clown1977Producent
Peter StrakerVamp1977Producent
PilotFirst After Me1976Producent
PilotHold On1976Producent
PilotLies And Lies1976Producent
PilotPenny In My Pocket1976Producent
PilotRunning Water1976Producent
PilotThe Mover1976Producent
PilotToo Many Hopes1976Producent
QueenBicycle Race1978Producent
QueenBohemian Rhapsody1975Producent
QueenBrighton Rock1974Producent
QueenBring Back That Leroy Brown1974Producent
QueenDead On Time1978Producent
QueenDear Friends1974Producent
QueenDeath On Two Legs (Dedicated To...)1975Producent
QueenDoin' Alright1973Producent
QueenDon't Stop Me Now1978Producent
QueenDreamers Ball1978Producent
QueenFat Bottomed Girls1978Producent
QueenFather To Son1974Producent
QueenFlick Of The Wrist1974Producent
QueenFun It1978Producent
QueenFunny How Love Is1974Producent
QueenGod Save The Queen1975Producent
QueenGood Company1975Producent
QueenGreat King Rat1973Producent
QueenIf You Can't Beat Them1978Producent
QueenI'm In Love With My Car1975Producent
QueenIn Only Seven Days1978Producent
QueenIn The Lap Of The Gods1974Producent
QueenIn The Lap Of The Gods... Revisited1974Producent
QueenKeep Yourself Alive1973Producent
QueenKiller Queen1974Producent
QueenLazing On A Sunday Afternoon1975Producent
QueenLeaving Home Ain't Easy1978Producent
QueenLet Me Entertain You1978Producent
QueenLily Of The Valley1974Producent
QueenLove Of My Life1975Producent
QueenMad The Swine1972Producent
QueenModern Times Rock 'N' Roll1973Producent
QueenMore Of That Jazz1978Producent
QueenMy Fairy King1973Producent
QueenNow I'm Here1974Producent
QueenOgre Battle1973Producent
QueenSeaside Rendezvous1975Producent
QueenSee What A Fool I've Been1973Producent
QueenSeven Seas Of Rhye1973Producent
QueenSeven Seas Of Rhye [Instrumental]1973Producent
QueenShe Makes Me (Stormtrooper In Stilettoes)1974Producent
QueenSome Day One Day1974Producent
QueenSon And Daughter1973Producent
QueenStone Cold Crazy1974Producent
QueenSweet Lady1975Producent
QueenTenement Funster1974Producent
QueenThe Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke1974Producent
QueenThe Loser In The End1974Producent
QueenThe March Of The Black Queen1974Producent
QueenThe Night Comes Down1973Producent
QueenThe Prophet's Song1975Producent
QueenWhite Queen (As It Began)1974Producent
QueenYou're My Best Friend1975Producent
Robert CalvertAircraft Salesman (A Door In The Foot)1974Producent
Robert CalvertBier Garten1974Producent
Robert CalvertBoard Meeting (Seen Through Contact Lense)1974Producent
Robert CalvertCatch A Falling Starfighter1974Producent
Robert CalvertEjection1974Producent
Robert CalvertFranz Josef Strauss, Defence Minister, Revies The Luftwaffe In 19581974Producent
Robert CalvertGround Control To Pilot1974Producent
Robert CalvertGround Crew1974Producent
Robert CalvertHero With A Wing1974Producent
Robert CalvertI Resign1974Producent
Robert CalvertInterview1974Producent
Robert CalvertThe Aerospaceage Inferno1974Producent
Robert CalvertThe Right Stuff1974Producent
Robert CalvertThe Song Of The Gremlin (Part 1)1974Producent
Robert CalvertThe Song Of The Gremlin (Part 2)1974Producent
Robert CalvertThe Widow Maker1974Producent
Robert CalvertTwo Test Pilots Discuss The Starfighter Performance1974Producent
Ron WoodBreakin My Heart1979Producent
Ron WoodBuried Alive1979Producent
Ron WoodCome To Realise1979Producent
Ron WoodDelia1979Producent
Ron WoodDon't Worry1979Producent
Ron WoodF.U.C. Her1979Producent
Ron WoodInfekshun1979Producent
Ron WoodLost And Lonely1979Producent
Ron WoodSeven Days1979Producent
Ron WoodWe All Get Old1979Producent
Ron WoodWorry No More1979Producent
ShyGive It All You've Got1989Producent
SladeDon't Talk To Me About Love1987Producent
SladeGotta Go Home1987Producent
SladeLove Is Like A Rock1987Producent
SladeThat's What Friends Are For1987Producent
StarcastleCan't Think Twice1977Producent
StarcastleChange In Time1977Producent
StarcastleCould This Be Love1977Producent
StarcastleDawning Of The Day1977Producent
StarcastleDiamond Song (Deep Is The Light)1977Producent
StarcastleEvening Wind1977Producent
StarcastleShadows Of Song1977Producent
StarcastleShine On Brightly1977Producent
StarcastleSilver Winds1977Producent
StarcastleTrue To The Light1977Producent
StarcastleWhy Have They Gone1977Producent
StarcastleWings Of White1977Producent
The CarsA Dream Away1981Producent
The CarsAll Mixed Up1978Producent
The CarsBe My Baby2017Producent
The CarsBye Bye Love1978Producent
The CarsCandy-O1979Producent
The CarsComing Up You Again2018Producent
The CarsCruiser1981Producent
The CarsDangerous Type1979Producent
The CarsDon't Cha Stop1978Producent
The CarsDon't Go To Pieces1981Producent
The CarsDon't Tell Me No1980Producent
The CarsDouble Life1979Producent
The CarsDown Boys1980Producent
The CarsGetting Through1980Producent
The CarsGimme Some Slack1980Producent
The CarsGood Times Roll1978Producent
The CarsGot A Lot On My Head1979Producent
The CarsI'm In Touch With Your World1978Producent
The CarsI'm Not The One1981Producent
The CarsIt's All I Can Do1979Producent
The CarsJust What I Needed1978Producent
The CarsLet's Go1979Producent
The CarsLittle Black Egg2018Producent
The CarsLust For Kicks1979Producent
The CarsMaybe Baby1981Producent
The CarsMidnight Dancer2018Producent
The CarsMisfit Kid1980Producent
The CarsMoving In Stereo1978Producent
The CarsMy Best Friend's Girl1978Producent
The CarsNightspots1979Producent
The CarsPanorama1980Producent
The CarsRunning To You1980Producent
The CarsShake It Up1981Producent
The CarsShoo Be Doo1979Producent
The CarsShooting For You2017Producent
The CarsSince I Held You1979Producent
The CarsSince You're Gone1981Producent
The CarsTake It On The Run2018Producent
The CarsThat's It1979Producent
The CarsThe Edge2017Producent
The CarsThink It Over1981Producent
The CarsThis Could Be Love1981Producent
The CarsTouch And Go1980Producent
The CarsUp And Down1980Producent
The CarsVictim Of Love1981Producent
The CarsYou Can't Hold On Too Long1979Producent
The CarsYou Wear Those Eyes1980Producent
The CarsYou're All I've Got Tonight1978Producent
The DarknessBald2005Producent
The DarknessBlind Man2005Producent
The DarknessDinner Lady Arms2005Producent
The DarknessEnglish Country Garden2005Producent
The DarknessGirlfriend2005Producent
The DarknessGrief Hammer2005Producent
The DarknessHazel Eyes2005Producent
The DarknessIs It Just Me?2005Producent
The DarknessKnockers2005Producent
The DarknessOne Way Ticket2005Producent
The DarknessSeemed Like A Good Idea At The Time2005Producent
The DarknessShake (Like A Lettuce Leaf)2006Producent
The DarknessWanker2005Producent
The Reggie Knighton BandBehind A Rock 'N' Roll Band1978Producent
The Reggie Knighton BandBreakin' Up Inside1978Producent
The Reggie Knighton BandClone In Love1978Producent
The Reggie Knighton BandHighway Patrol1978Producent
The Reggie Knighton BandLear Jet1978Producent
The Reggie Knighton BandMagnum Sally1978Producent
The Reggie Knighton BandOoh Girl1978Producent
The Reggie Knighton BandRock 'N' Roll Alien1978Producent
The Reggie Knighton BandThe King And I1978Producent
The Reggie Knighton BandUFO1978Producent
The Smashing PumpkinsBring The Light2007Producent
The Smashing PumpkinsPomp And Circumstances2007Producent
The Smashing PumpkinsStarz2007Producent
The Stranglers96 Tears1990Producent
The StranglersIn This Place1990Producent
The StranglersInstead Of This1990Producent
The StranglersLet's Celebrate1990Producent
The StranglersMan Of The Earth1990Producent
The StranglersMotorbike1990Producent
The StranglersNever To Look Back1990Producent
The StranglersOut Of My Mind1990Producent
The StranglersPoisonality1990Producent
The StranglersSomeone Like You1990Producent
The StranglersSomething1977Producent
The StranglersSweet Smell Of Success1990Producent
The StranglersToo Many Teardrops1990Producent
The StranglersWhere I Live1990Producent
T'PauArms Of Love1988Producent
T'PauBridge Of Spies1987Producent
T'PauFriends Like These1987Producent
T'PauHeart And Soul1987Producent
T'PauI Will Be With You1987Producent
T'PauMonkey House1987Producent
T'PauOnly The Lonely1988Producent
T'PauRoad To Our Dream1988Producent
T'PauRunning Away1988Producent
T'PauSecret Garden1988Producent
T'PauSex Talk1987Producent
T'PauTaking Time Out1988Producent
T'PauThank You For Goodbye1987Producent
T'PauThis Girl1988Producent
T'PauTime Will Tell1988Producent
T'PauYou Give Up1987Producent
YesBelieve Again2014Producent
YesIn A World Of Our Own2014Producent
YesIt Was All We Knew2014Producent
YesLight Of The Ages2014Producent
YesStep Beyond2014Producent
YesSubway Walls2014Producent
YesThe Game2014Producent
YesTo Ascend2014Producent

TitelKom in på listanTopveckor
Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen)1976-02-161825
Heart And Soul (T'Pau)1987-10-14201
One Way Ticket (The Darkness)2005-11-243110
Don't Stop Me Now (Queen)2009-10-09378
I'd Rather Leave While I'm In Love (Dusty Springfield)95.33
'39 (Queen)935.3
Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen)4395.23
Love Of My Life (Queen)945.22
Don't Stop Me Now (Queen)1905.15
Nevermore (Queen)375.14
Killer Queen (Queen)1615
The Prophet's Song (Queen)655
Fire In The Sky (Ozzy Osbourne)55
Death On Two Legs (Dedicated To...) (Queen)534.98
Blinded By Science (Foreigner)234.96
Father To Son (Queen)274.93
Jealousy (Queen)474.91
Doin' Alright (Queen)354.91
Heart And Soul (T'Pau)1334.91
In The Lap Of The Gods... Revisited (Queen)314.9
English Country Garden (The Darkness)104.9
Wheel In The Sky (Journey)1034.89
Keep Yourself Alive (Queen)624.89
Lights (Journey)424.88
Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen)4395.23
Don't Stop Me Now (Queen)1905.15
Bicycle Race (Queen)1724.3
Killer Queen (Queen)1615
Heart And Soul (T'Pau)1334.91
You're My Best Friend (Queen)1204.58
Fat Bottomed Girls (Queen)1074.67
Wheel In The Sky (Journey)1034.89
Love Of My Life (Queen)945.22
'39 (Queen)935.3
Now I'm Here (Queen)934.32
Seven Seas Of Rhye (Queen)914.57
Valentine (T'Pau)674.55
The Prophet's Song (Queen)655
Keep Yourself Alive (Queen)624.89
Dirty White Boy (Foreigner)554.05
Mustapha (Queen)544.37
Death On Two Legs (Dedicated To...) (Queen)534.98
I'm In Love With My Car (Queen)534.57
My Best Friend's Girl (The Cars)524.33

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